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Questions about 45th annually top 10 entrepreneurial revolution spaces-Why is hong kong top? First the virus has caused a general post- places where people havent em;powered schools to practice humanity online are finding out how dismally unsustainable drowning in fake media can be- why has dhaka fallen out? how did new york state (outofwallstreet) make a comeback after 12 subprimed years? how did vienna leap ahead of geneva?...why do we still value uae-jordan? will adam smith's LOG make a comeback in time for the sustainability generation to be reality? how did new zealand make a comeback for first time in 15 years? why no west coast entries? why no african entry : it breaks our heart that kenya fell out and the good news is there are small countries now leaping ahead but it doesnt do them any favor to headline them until africa more coopreread the economist 1976 survey on entrepreneurial revolution- searching for an alternative to west's big 3 of corop-gov-foundation so that small start up leapfroging could match reality that 90% of innovations improving human lot were incubated msall and relmteslly over time not by 90 day profit if you cant exponentially see that a business model devoid of goodwill multiplying stakeholder energies is the least sustainable org design in the world then quite frankly you should not be let near big data on any of the tech that according to moore's law singularity now offer trillion times more analytic capability than available to the female team at mit that coded moon landing
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ideologies that seem to confine 1.5 billion people to be more than 3 times poorer than americans make no sense -why not celebrate every way chinese - diaspora as well as mainlanders- unites sdg- generations goals- china number 1 country to help small enterprise Soc5 and IR4 with - see why at; america always be 21st C friend- how else can we celebrate the best of english and coding languages with youth www or text washington dc (+1) 240 316 8157
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Thursday, May 26, 2022

University cities - gateway to the smartest tranbsfomration sustainable world will ever see?

 Fortunately there are 12+ city gateways to UN University its in the middle of 40+ UN agencies racing to understand how ai can empower sdgs  -   .

Extract from

UN=United Nations---U University::DP Development Prog --ICEF Intl CHILDREN Emergency Fund --ESCO Education Science Culture Org --Women :: EP Environment Protection --WTO World Trade O::CTAD Conf Trafe&Dev --FPA Fund Population :Maternal/Reproductive--     HCR Hi Com Refugees Habitat -        DESA Economic&SocialFirst 40 UN agencies applying AI - nb dear readers: are your nation's gov agencies ahead or behind the world on sustainability actions as an educational right of younger half of the world and generation SDG?

W=World--Bank --FP Food Program --HO Health Org ==MO Meteorological O --IPO Intel Property O

I=International --TU TelecomsUnion -- LO Labor Office -- MF Monetary Fund --FAD Fund Agri Dev --MO Maritime Org --OM O Migration--AEA Atomic Energy A

OHCHR Human Rights:: FAO Food-Agri Org ::ITAR Train&Research:: IDO Indutrial Dev ECE EconomicComEurope --DPPA PoliticalPeacebuilding Aids Gpulse - RISD Research Social --l Dev OOSA Space  ODA/IDIR Disarmament ODC Drugs/Crime -- ICRI Interregional Justice 


UN University and ...UN University - from page 190 of

Project 2: Cholera Risk Mapping – An Outbreak Analysis Approach in Nigeria                                          Project 3: Enhancing Resilience to Flood Disasters in South Asia through the use of AI, Cloud Computing and Open Datasets 

Project 4: UNU-Macau Conversation Series Seminar • Project Description: UNU-Macau Conversation series seminar invited top researchers and thought leaders in Digital Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Modeling for Sustainability. The following seminar has been more specifically on AI: Dr. Christiine Boshuijzen-van Burken (UNSW) Multi-aspectual Ethics of Autonomous (weapons) Systems Dr. Omar Guerrero (Turing Institute), Modelling Sustainable Development from the Bottom Up: Coupling Open Data and Agent Computing to Inform Policy Prioritization Dr. Nils Ferrand: Codesigning and Politing Inclusive Participatory Procedures for Enacting the SDGs -                     Project 5: “Sustainable Decision-Making Tech” Research Team


Saturday, April 30, 2022

austin and new york


 John SOUnDTRACK/Ma-el - can we form a club of teachers who want AI to be the new literacy- ie who want permission to question how ai can help with every sdg agenda, with every artistic skill, with whatever is the most joyful skill teachers bring at each age  group. There are many routes towrads this. For example i can start to make some very simple slides on what david attenboroughs advice is on anything and check this with his anthropologist son who I briefly went to school with.. This week on pbs in summary attenborough  said food/agriculture is about 25% of emissions. 3 most important behavioral changes rich citizens can make : 1 dont waste food (up to half is wasted in cities); 2 dont create demand for food that is distributed by airplane; 3 start reducing consumption of red meat because those farm animals are huge methane emitters. John i think you made 2 films for john mackey. Is there a summary of what they said.? Do you know if his retirement this summer is 1 because he's unwell or 2 because he wants to get back to his life mission of food activism  and conscious capitalism. Given that he is Austin's most famous businessmen (alongside michael dell) I wonder what connections might be makeable with austin's interst in future of everything both the summits and which is organsing summer schools for graduates - whats never been taught before that their generation urgently needs to knowhow network?    .. john I dont know if your friend don beck influences any of austin's futurisers See footnote)  I am aware of 4 nations being in the lead of ai literacy in schools - the simplest example being singapore (jeanne is there a person in your team who could keep us uptodate on your views of places in the lead on this )  the un is hosting 2 summits this year on education is not fit for purpose - while interesting they are not hosted by people who are also asking how does ai linkin with everything any child needs to grow up with (last week announcement of biden national ai panel again excluded teachers from being pivotal) - also both UN summits are being cooridnated by spanish speaking people - here is agenda of barcelona's in 3 weeks the other summit will be at the UNGA in september  -john can i arrange a meeting with eg you and jose (and maybe camilo of you think enginers in columbia u are interested) to see if you have a list of people we can interview on how they want education to change- footnote one reason I am weird is my first job in the uk national development project computer based learning at University of Leeds - i was responsible 1973=6 for teaching statistics to psychology students whenever our pdp11 computers broke down this led me to spending most of my life on decoding what nasty psychology is embedded in corporate branding and ad agency world (so chnaning mad avenue from ad agency to transmedia agency would be a joy if anyone sees that as doable)  I would agree with charles graves approach -whilst I can see johns' friend don beck is a nice man frankly some of the people who certify spiral dynamics experts that i met in london are control freaks so understanding jeannes's school of psychology for humanity is a bonus for me

Thursday, April 21, 2022


- do you have any associates or alumni in Hong Kong - there are about 4 movements there that I believe can help younger half of the world remediate sanity .... I still havent found a euro city with as much collaborating entrepreneurs with unique tech relevant actions as hk (and of course the putin nightmare has thrown everything into chaos; if i had travel time I would probably keep searching geneva and or The Hague; where I know who I want to connect with but am missing a high level entry i suppose after sundays french election we will at least know what leaders Euro has); I am absolutely determined to map whos who in new york over next 16 months- guterres next 2 unga summits aim to change education and change all other youth future dynamics- do you have a connection number 1 in new york? I am interested in any place with enough connections - just mentioning the ones I happen to have some long run understanding of;  some updates at  (I wish I had found a way to soros as dad and Economist's main inspirations were budapest's von neumann and much of soros interventions in the 1980s!)

Friday, April 1, 2022

global village collab networking New york new york

birth of  15 years ago we launched Collab Cafe New York - it was the second main city that we sampled 2000 yunus social business books an 10000 dvds mainly to under 30s who wanted to collaborate as first sd generation- when the rest of the world talks about major cities they mean at least 6 million people dependent on each others livelihoods (eg with an accountable mayor); and typically when a supercity is responsible for a continental nation(not an island) way north of 10 million peoples communities are interdependent such as seoul tokyo ...USA is an untypical nation - you could say new york is america's only supercity as just described and its also at unique future crossroads worldwide  benchmarking collabs relevant to the intersection of

 SDGs - sustainability due to hq of United Nations

 ESG financial world due to wall street

Education's futures; 

arts future -eg global broadway -  the later4 2 being youth's only chance of scaling sustainability generation

all of this needs back from the future mapping with  100 times more tech every decade -  my father met neumann 1951 Princeton (for our purposes influencing and influenced by NY)  and was given the journalistic scoop of 100 times more

we started in the bronx where the un started because the university tv would interview us

here are our most productive spaces since

flatiron triangle - within 2 minutes walk of flatiron (one of ny's oldest skyscrapers and junctions ) you have the most conscious film studios in NY if not all of america- not related to our tour harry potter theme just opposite soundtrackNY- we have published a good and bad hubs guide since london opened some hubs in 2003 (partnering with huge open space summits called be the change- and the unfulfilled UK-G8 goal that 2005 would be year of make poverty history) after the debacle of impacthubs, 1776 and wework - there is a new breed of potentially deeply societal hubs try NeueHouse   (T)- 7 minutes walk from flatiron. As one example NH is US HQ for The Philanthropy Workshop-also see general academy - a benchmark institution for minimising how long you need to qualify for a tech skilled job - and really exciting when it teamed up to be new york main promoter of the la-mountain view xprize search in learning ( sadly the eventual winner didnt make much impact yet seen by me- please say if you have a more informed view)

also 130 5th ave liberty city James Lang, Liberty City Ventures

James is a Managing Director at Liberty City Ventures in New York City. The firm led a major investment in Hong Kong-based Animoca Brands, a leading investor and creator of blockchain-based games and NFTs. Read more at CNBC. Liberty City Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on investing in companies building blockchain technology solutions and companies implementing blockchain technology. James has served as an operations executive of several of the venture firm's portfolio companies including OTC Trading, a bitcoin exchange in the U.S

japan society connections- this is one block from the UN -since the only nationals who remember interdependence my father and jfk celebrated from 1962 is japan - i find it easy to meet sdg conscious people in japan embassy than the un compound but of course if you have an invite to speak inside the sacred space and want to collaborate please say- the vanderbilt ymca is optimal if you have a heavy meeting diary here- this region includes university branch of hong kongs biggest philanthropist li ka shing (and practically speaking this village region also contains HQ of us largest philanthropist george soros open society university networking /foundation - as well as other foundations eg Rockefeller, Ford ...)   when it comes to that rare animal the us bottom-up foundation we are so grateful historically to ; although founded to end hunger it was probably the first american network to clarify (and relentlessly design its processes) to celebrating female village empowerment as integral to asia rising out of extreme poverty/hunger

we are huge fans of an associated virtual hub this example shows events brooklyn has contributed to UN dialogues on making 2015-2030 the period when the younger half of the world become sustainable - historically 2 accidental drawbacks of the UN are that relatively speaking it fails to share global human solutions with communities inside america and nsiders particularly national bureucrats become inbred in trying to find solutions the whole world needs to co-create - virt helps makes the UN (all the urgent collaboration challenges of sustainability accessigbe especially tpo youyth and teachers). we welcome nominations of other resources like virt  

brooklyn youth (of every rainbow color) but sadly not yet any of their academic masters have always open spaced with us on deepest community challenges ask for latest submap if that interests you; rhe only all black america city summit we have felt welcome in is the annual wall street-rainbow summit of jesse jackson- I dont know all tge ins and outs of JJ but he ia fearless interviewed of ceos- the time I attended the summit at the times 

Square sheraton top brass at cvs were saying we have a new vision of how every community depends on our location and part of our commitment to health is to stop selling cigarettes; jackson laid into cvs - havnt you been a major destination for the opioid mob

here is a list of other places we'd love to linkin - many have played musical chairs since covid - so we dont yet have maps of whether they are in same village

brac hq usa (and any residual connection fromn its 2007 founding with columbia u and soros foundations




hq schwarzman scholars - other ways graduates can interact with turning ESG from greenwashing to sustainability investment

music specials timms lincoln center with julliard and; 92y - recently moved from nippon life in wall street to london;

acumen which used to share a building with google NY (not checked if it still does on the west side

new york has some of the nations lead examples of dual language schools - their secret is 2 different cultures have had to fight standard curriculum gov for so long to start up the dl school that the whole community of parents, teachers and kids links in as one - heroic ; as one of us's first regions to promise right to schooling from 3 up - searching out best playschool examples in ny is relevant - as is the fact that un education envoy gordon brown occasionally turns up at NYU when in town and the journal of education in crisis /refugee locations is fine and should be closely linked to bracusa, lego, yidan prize whech is how abedmooc 4.5 rolls

come back or chat with me -after about 50 lunchclub interviews new y0orkers hacve started to show me some inside tips

watch out fopr the muesumm of new york - ity has [promised to help co-host tokyo mayot koike sister city tour with new york which has proclaimed first climate and sdg priority after covid

you can also help us improve our linked intercity maps

Friday, December 31, 2021

 my experience is that royal dutch companies have a chance of longer and deeper understanding across eurasia than anything else the west has begotten

royal dutch shell - started reputedly in london tea hoise - what else to trade across old world - soon the elkse focused on energy; in parallel the byproduct company of detergenets and consmetics , margarisne amnd ide creams - unilever

thee days where the world partnerships in women empowerred sdgs connect through the hague eg climate; 5 main sdgs of women built asia nations (transforming top down aid) (brac partners) - royal faimiliies un responsibilituies - literacy and financial inclusion - see 1.6 especially 

the low lying dutch need to understand irrigation and historically windmills, also the floral capital of the world at least with 20thc greenhouses from space ; the strange co-sharing of ports that south africa gravitate until the suez canal - the to me much murkier busienss of gold and diamonds  (and still incomplete resolition of equality in south africa- and indeed is the geo-location of south africa too isolat5ed to expect leadership of the continent to depend much on south afr4uica (surely egypt os in the middle of millennials sustainability in wasy that south africa cannot wholly be)

whatever we think of histiory of souhh africa's mines -- it was understandably linked to currency in the days that the 2/3 humans resident in asia sor of depended more on royal dutch advancement or not (and gold standards) of human rights than anywhere

of cooyrse with 10% of hyamns living south of teh equator and the huge seas and polar south - one has ro wonder when quads and quins of nations started being networkes was brics as relevant as BAZics (ie aus and zealand instead of russia) and why wasny arcyic circle with russia a majot tegional development cooperation space

since 1500 whites have pretty much organised the world - which by 1945 if not earlier had been shown to be a terrifying exclusive thing; by now america had taken over responsibility without necessarily understanding the cultural knowledge that royal dutch had booked - 

until or unless the euro-usa axis explain the terrible mistakes since 1989 of enabling putin power over energy acroiss eu, perhaps royal dutch can hild stady as kipling might have reframatised IF..... 

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

geneva vienna hague

we'd love to hear from people who study how Antonio Guterres maps his time and purposes of different offices:(i dont ex[ect in my lifetime to see 10 year of un leadership by someone who has led a nation (portugal); spent nearly 15 years serving refugees in localities of teh world facing the greatest chalenges due to war or climate; whose faith matches pope francis of servant leadership (franciscans are the servant network of all the west's golden rule religions); if anyone of the 50 most powerful people in the wporld values younger half of world' as first sustainability generation they must transparently value linkin around guterres (as far as we can see rsvp or questions

what collaborations does Guterres see  leaders action networking round what trillion dollar purpose goals?:

sustainability goals -which leaders help him advocate this where -sdg advocates (17 eminent world figures give balance across hemispheres) - special envoys -digital/real financial inclusion queen maxima netherlands, education gordon brown, vaccination gordon brown (who else)

fintech and ESG  and AI un2.0 and digital cooperation focus on fintech and artificial intel (see geneva)

edtech healthtech foodtech greentech

youth collaboration and education (I find it muddling that un service of youth UNICEF is led out of new york , of education (unesco) and labour-skills (oecd) - paris -in any event in dec 2021 unesco finally issued a report- education no longer serves systematically what youth need to be sustainable...reimagining our futures together-  a social contract for education ; arguably this is first report on how worldwide broken education is since my father's in 1986 at The Economist which followed up our 1984 book : 2025 report (10 systems transformations needed for human-tech sustainability by 2025 of which education finance health must be integral with overarching purpose of ending poverty so that wherever next girl is born community giver her fair chance at life matters)

Compare worldwide roles (rig particularly Geneva Europe) with HQ NY through the 10 year coordination of guterres (the maximum for un leadership takes him to 2025, that's two thirds of the 15 years that the world's mations promised youth to return sustainability through)

new york (well technically the UN as independent space) -where the worlds politics and potential war/peace gets mediated; once a year at general assmeble where ideas on advancing humanity get published; guterres started months after the 17 sustainability development goals were launched; its fascinating to look at each year 

15-16 seemed really exiting unga and g20 ( next 4 year of the 15 to prevent extinction got conflicted by trump (I am not talking about his politica but he had no interest in youth's sustainability anywhere), then covid ended much of the real process of the UNGA - so the hope is we humans can leap forward again : thus 21-22, 22-23 can be guterres most important UNGA -see (as well as 40 years of famjly diaries (inspired by adam smith since 1758 and von neumann since 1951) on human and tech progress started 1984 at, and updating at womensverse )

Asia (complicated u8nderstanding where un offices are given nearly two thirds of people are asian)

africa where historically kenya has been a head office of unhabitat ( Ethiopia had hq of african union - presumably a pivotal continental partmner in sdgs) - we find the coastal belts of africa very complex (both offereing different opportunities and risks - west, south, east, and suez facing (and also wonder how landlocked countries choose a long-term coastal partner)  


..........-representation of nearly 200 nations is complex at the best of times

and as for end of world war 2, when the un was founded 1945 at san francisco opera house - funds came mainly from the white empires. These were the peoples whose application of engines (begun by Glasgow's Smith & Watt 1760s)  had shipped unevenly geographically to be the root cause of world wars (by the start of the 20th C old europe's divisions needed to be saved by new america -twice!). In this right old mess of part 1 of 20th C, Switzerland had achieved a sort of neutrality making geneva the obvious first european space for UN complementing new york's world hq: in search of peace

3 quirks of world history/humanity are worth remembering before we rush into the second half of the 20th C:
Roughly speaking the world's skin colour are 1/6 white, 1/6th blank; two thirds asia
The scots who gave the world its first engine types were already half a century into Colonisation by London (soon to be thinning). Adam Smith can be read as saying that instead of Aemerica decelaring independence , he had hoped an united states of english speaking application of engines would take over Britain - hos one advice to engine inventors immi8grate to places that value all lives matter
When new engines were launched out of America in the 1950s (the legacy of the world's greatest mathematicians - Neumann , Einstein and peers) their innovation network was also led byimmigrants hoping America would free the world. And up to the assassination of JF Kennedy, hopes that new engines would celebrate worldwide interdependence looked quite rosy - see 

Lets now fast forward to 21sr C :  geneva does now connect so much of UN's action networking,health, trade. peace, coms...: even as new york mediates the pow wows of nations' most powerful politicians -

Specifically out of Geneva, those who own worlds telecoms meet to futurise standards and digital societal futures- see now  how to zoom future of all tech through esg & #aiforgood- particularly how does ai impact operations health "WHO". . Indeed, Geneva is now where  most operational unit discuss how tech can help them -world food program recent won nobel peace prize for AI improving logistics of  its last mile maps)...
vienna has also become a second satellite to geneva human rights OHCR -michelle bachelet (previously chile's president:  vienna orbits linked informally by previous un head ban ki-moon as well as formally on such functions as UN in Space )

Additional notes: although netherlands isnt an official UN office HQ- there is a galaxy of solutions linked to how billion women sustained communities (poverty alleviation out of asian villages since 1970): see brac international (shameran abed son of founder Fazle Abed) at The Hague ; royal special envoys The Hague; global climate adaptation rotterdam ...

3 cities that guide so much of what future is possible - out of the continent where white empires Less than one sixth of the human race's ethnicity) took us  down the roads to last exits before extinction eg 2021 through to 2023 to 1984 timelines in association with biography of john von neumann whose legacy from 1957 was 100 times more tech pee decade - what some call industrial revolutions 3,4 in contrast to 1760-1945 industrial revolutions 1,2 - see also part sponsored by elon musk who has done his paper in changing cars beyond carbon gas, seeing space as a second opportunity if humans blow up earth, making his first 100 million dollars to fund these two future by co-founding paypal one of the few fintech tools the west invented for everyone not just rich get richer-anyway imagine if we could find 20 elon musks- maybe extinction would be off the table; 

geneva has so many of the tech's biggest moving parts of un with the itu hosting aiforgood; unctad asking whether trade is mapped to sustain all people (of course wto is there for arbitrations between big players but unctad is about all we entrepreneurial communities of people can shape fututr of tarde from;) then of course the (WHO) world health organisation with the red cross ( my understanding that the red cross was born in switzerland though clare barton twinned washington DC's us version soon thereafter) - see barton OR nightingale at world record jobs

also swiss universities are helping refugees and others get 1 year certificates where old university monopoly charges 4 years out of a peoples lifetime - this is fast moving news - rsvp see also abedmooc 5.4 4.4  -also chile's former president michel bachelet is now high commisioner

vienna is where ban ki moon now hubs 2 networks on climate adaptability (co-launched by hague) and rights- wienna has long been un's second eurocity after geneva

the hague is brac international headquarters - also mazing royal family with queen maximus un envoy for fintech and princess laurentien unesco advocate for literacy - its now possible to help any illiterate person become literate in 30 hours (but this does need spreading eg daily over 90 by twenty minute sessions- want to know where to see 30 hour literacy rsvp


here are a few more maps to "exploring" where sdgs connect with world record jobs creators or leaderships summits "zoom me up scotty - since covid has clarified that we have the etch to share worlds leaders meetups on preventing extinction - so why 33 years since tim berners lee webbed us have 8 billion people been so slow to celebrate teachers and students learning what's most needed by and for generation sustainability; and why would we want the younger half of the world brains to shape artificial intel instead of what big business and big gov so often orders the other way round? 

Saturday, July 31, 2021

yidan prize hong kong

 one of the best things to happen to the world let alone hong kong is the yidan prize & luminaries -

their special focus in 2022 is India having awarded pratham's india their main annual prize - check out events - throughout the year yidan tours places like harvard, oxbridge staging zooms and real events so that each hemisphere's teaching community converses with in this year india's pratham

 some july 2021 notes are at and abedmooc 4.6

here we trace some of its early connections as evident from whom yidanprize follows at twitter  @ReimagineHEdu

vicky colbert   lucy lake  salman khan  brac ultra poojustin tay un rankings   ilabs   camfed

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

india - sunita , marta .india barcelona switzerland bangladesh

 update liknedin brainstorm july 2021 -connections ove4r 50 years of brac - cholera and dirrhea lab preventin third of infant dealths; partnerships of barefoot medic networks across continent of asia; vaccinating comtinemts; ending rb

marta i see that at hope there are some potentially revolutionary india contacts both at the queens english language school and probably this lady i wonder if there can be new win-wins for sunita or any of the india networks

Can we conquer tuberculosis - Dr. Shelly Batra - TEDxWBG. 3 views3 views. • Feb 16, 2020. 0. 0. Share. Save. 0 / 0. Sandeep Ahuja. Sandeep Ahuja.

i also realise that when it comes to grassroots health i have so far failed to intro you to shelly- at the only tedx jim kim convened at world bank she represented how to end tuberculosis across india; in fact village networks of ending tb have always been both jim kim's main thing and how he befriended soros gates and fazle abed; he's now back in boston; frankly the contributions to ending covid from people like kim have been very hidden ar best; the problem of being a harvard and world bank leader is you cant afford to challenge the white house to directly even when its been overtrumped

unfortunately the news on covid gets worse - it seems that a booster is needed every 9 months at least to prevent youth from being spreaders; so i guess there are 2 different maps; those who get on with education but without directly connecting deep covid solutions and those that want to do both; maybe different team members can be allocated - how do you see this within what your youth most want to scale over the school year 21-22?

i see part 2 switzerland as needing a lot of detailed research

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

discussins with my linkedin friends india

 Nisha over 20% of people live in indai- more precisely where are you located - i dont code elearning /classrooms myself - in bangalore my friend dr ranga might know if there is anyone relevant to you I am most concerned with montessori methods of ending illiteracy whilst led by worlds largest school (lucknow) I am not sure they do any noodling; you may have heard that the world's largest education prize  out of hong kong has a special focus on india 2022 but its almost all being linked through pratham their 2 million dollar prize winner - have you come across pratham ; i have bumped into some of their people twice at brookings in washington dc  worldwide i expect varkey's million dollar prize now with about 500 teacher cohorts may have a noodle practice community - are you already in touch with that

Monday, July 19, 2021

 would it be possible to meet or zoom with someone in your team? I am completing a book on this subject as the final viewpoint of my diaspora scottish  father and two grandfathers work aimed at turning the age of machines into one where every next child born has a great chance at life - my father' -norman macrae -first 20 years of adulthood included being n allied bomber command stationed at burma and in 1962 writing the economist survey endorsed by president kennedy and prince charles that japan had innovated development models through which the Asian two third of the world could rise; my father also became the futurist journalist of von neumann and in 1984 i co-authored 2025 report arguing that sustainability generation would depend on total transformation of education. when my father died the japan ambassador to bangladesh helped arrange the first of 20 visits to asia since 2007 to understand what fazle abed and others mean by uniting 100 universities' students in sdg projects demanded by billion women. While i understand OSUN is a leading partner in thst challenge, i think i noted some of sir fazle's unique ideas which are not yet being fully applied due to his untimely death and covid. In a rough form they are at  in case they are relevant to leaping forward post-covid - i am also curious as to how to reverse where hungary is going given all your family and von neumann's opposite contributions for humanity. i live in washington dc but new york up and until unga76 is where most relevant family and professional friends are linking in.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

 dubai contributions to sustainability top 100 education inspirations 

rewired2021 tour 1 tsearch t -dubai:dec

No alt text provided for this image

will education prevent or cause extinction? .. as appreciation of man and machine intel (aka ai labs neumanns stanford-mit since 1961) reach critical stages of von neumann's 100 times more per decade gift- offers co-creative space between now and community's great come backs from covid eg NY UNGA76 sept, Glasgow Cop26 nov, asia's 3 most exciting edu summits December :Dubai-rewired2021, Qatar WISE_WISH: Hong Kong worldwide luminaries of Childhood & Yidan & Abed & Oxbridge & Camstan & ..#AIforgood Geneva UN and new champions + davos agenda jan 2022

Saturday, May 29, 2021

oxbridge update

 covid year 3 29 may 2021: key international statistic - malaysia now worse than india with new covid infection - 211 per 100 million rolling week average - highest ever recorded -other breaking news relevant to includes which poor countries are being included 1

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the one thing every university could gain from taking from oxbridge- union debates which enable 2 opposite sides to see both sides have merit but examination by conventional wisdom is often the enemy of youth's potential to innovate which we need to celebrate more than ever n 2021 


Growth depends on never letting politicians spend more than one quarter of GDP, May 1996

For the Motion: Mr Norman Macrae (aka The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant) : references 1

"Mr President, Sir,

On the night I was conceived in 1922, by a then junior British diplomat in New York, the lucky Americans similarly enjoying themselves around him had only 8% of their GPs spent by politicians. So Americans in that decade brought the world's cleanest environment revolution, as they triumphed over that pollutant vehicle the horse, put mankind on motor cars' wheels, and built sudden industrial strength which alone meant that Hitler, who by my 18th Christmas in 1941 held Europe from Atlantic to 20 miles from Moscow, was not quite strong enough to shove into gas ovens tiresomely argumentative people like me - and it would later, sir, have been you and all those so happily arguing still in this House.

After the war, we dinosaurs doddered. As I think the second oldest speaker tonight, I am properly desolate, sir, that we hand on to you of my granddaughters' generation an advanced world, at present divided into what comprehensive schoolteachers would call three halves.

In the 15 countries of our west European home, politicians spend between 42% and 63% of our GDPs, in deadening ways so job-losing and so sclerotic that - has old Oxford not noticed this, or does its brain hurt? - unemployment, especially for those whose European youth has been less gilded than yours, rises at each comparable stage of each successive trade cycle, and must thus continue until you see why.

Politicians' spend of GDP dwindles to "only" 35% in Europe's next two clear competitor countries. In America and in Japan which I briefly economically advised 35 years ago when its real GDP at yen exchange rate was one eighth of what it is now. The surge after 1950 by Hiroshimaed Japan in (eg) life expectancy (49 years for a Japanese in 1950, way over our 79 for its old ladies now) - plus its leapfrog beyond us in living standards, in education for its humblest inter-city children circa six times better than ours, in lower crime - was to us who tended it then by far the most exciting sudden forward leap in all the economic history of the world. Do note that it started, and had its main impetus, when its politicians spent only 24% of its GDP. In both Japan and America state spending has been subjected to an upward creep - a good soubriquet, that, for Clinton and Blair and Hashimoto - but since politicians' GDP pinch is still curbed to only 35%, both still exceed Europe in faster innovation and thus fuller employment.

The 1950s-1960s role of Japan is now carried forward by the third group of competitors poised to pinch our patrimony. The Hong Kongs and Singapores, which were coolie countries when I first saw them, have duly passed Britain in living standards, in inner city non-yobdom, in far better education than ours for the mass of their 17 year olds - even though, no sir, because their politicians spend, by IMF valuation, only 18% of their GDPs.

Has the penny really not dropped among Oxford's dreaming spires? When technology surges forward as in this computer age, the new wealth of nations springs from three main manifestations of human wit. One, a relentless daily search among a million competing profit centres on how best next to improve use of that technology next morning. Second, maximum competition in forecasting and guessing and experimenting with what the future may bring. Never allow politicians' monopoly in that. Third, I am sorry if this offends, avoid yesterday-cuddling trade unionisation of who does which, when, at what fixed price, and traditionally how. In our lifetime, it has been proven (a) that free markets bring forth those three qualities circa six times more efficaciously than when politicians say "let's appoint a monopoly organisation to produce some bright wheeze like a channel tunnel", ooh; and proven (b) that international institutions and politicians (of all parties) fib incredibly about the statistical results of this.

When Brussels said that communist East Germany had surpassed Harold Wilson's Britain in prosperity, and Ted Heath and a credulous BBC trilled agreement, I went to East Germany. Anybody who noticed a Trabant was not worth a Mercedes, could see East Germany outproduced even Wilson's Britain only in pollution and steroid-drugged lady shot-putters. In its most showpiece factories I assessed productivity at some one-sixth of Wilson's Britain's factories per man and per almost every other unit of input. When the Berlin Wall came down, my assessment proved to have been a little too kind to socialism as usual. If you compared the state factories of North Korea with the private factories of South Korea, you'd get the more dramatic figures typical of Asia. In the early 1990s the nationalised telephone utility of India had 40 times more employees than the privatised telephone utility of Thailand, although little Thailand was then just passing mighty India in the number of telephones actually working.

In Europe, we have the usual figures which might seem rude to the right honourable ex-member of Ebbw Vale. In the dozen years since British steel was privatised, its productivity per man has risen six times. If he says this is because of wicked sackings and shuttings, remember that Oxford's Attlee in 1947 told Britain's then 367,000 coalminers that coming public ownership would ensure nobody producing such valuable stuff as coal would lose his job this century. It is only the long overdue privatisation that can save even 12,000 of those jobs now, but don't let me claw at scabs of old wounds.

The question for your generation, sir, is whether you are going to drive ever more underclass Britons into unemployment by allowing five vital industries (accounting for three quarters of public expenditure) to be run by politicians at circa one sixth the efficiency that freer markets would bring. These are (1) social security insurance; (2) education; (3) health insurance; (4) a regulatory bureaucracy now five times larger than in Kaiser Wilhelm's Prussia; (5) crime non-prevention.

In education you will have to move to competitive vouchers, with payments highest for those who set up competitive schools in the worst inner cities, where state teaching of both facts and behaviour has incredibly declined in the past 50 years, while private industry has spread once unimaginable durables like colour tvs from 0 to 98% of households. One part of education (assessing by computer a particular child's learning pattern, seizing from that the next questions or facts to impart) will become telecommunicable from far countries. Bovine politicians don't see the same is true of social security insurance (if clients choose to stick to behaviourial norms like staying in married families, you can insure them and theirs far more cheaply against most social ills), and in health insurance (where doctors from Singapore will diagnose the right medical and diet regimes for the tummy from Wigan just X-rayed down their screens). The world's greatest experts on these three and other telecommutable subjects will congregate in the lands with lowest taxation, and all of you voting against tonight's motion will just be brutalising, ruining and killing poorer people if you say that's jolly unfair to British politicians' monopoly welfare state.

Crime rates will depend on whether you elect over-arrogant politicians. In the first decade of my life America produced gangsterdom as well as boom, because its politicians (in a folly my dad said would never be repeated) decreed alcohol could only be sold by Capone's vicious criminals. In this last decade of my life two-thirds of British crime is drug-related, because politicians decree sales of other drugs must be profitably reserved only for criminals. Under any sensible tax plus licensing regime such as we now have for alcohol, you don't get 15-year olds hooked on a wild and muggery-necessitating £200 a day alcohol mania, because a pub, fearing a loss of licence, would refer any such client for special treatment. In crime prevention we will also have to move to the methods of Japan, which has one seventh as many lawyers as we, a court system based on "did he do it, and how most cheaply to stop him doing it again?" which does not include stuffing hordes into expensive British prisons which statistically make inmates more likely to reoffend.

Can you see any other trade apart from heavily trade unionised British prison screws who have actual negative gross production? Yes, a few feet away. A chart from that Swedish Royal Commission chaired by the profs who award the Nobel prize in economics showed that the most effective number of members of parliament for a country of Britain's size would be 90-something. We have 651, and for the imminent general election they have pushed it up to 659 jobs for the boys.

I'd like to end on a more kindly note. If I'd been told in youth that politicians would spend 42% of Britain's GDP, which is more than Hitler spent of Germany's GDP in 1937, I'd have assumed we would by now be living under a monstrous tyranny. After 50 years of reporting on parliament, let me end with my favourite story which shows it just as an elephant's joke. The story is denied by the two self-credulous politicians concerned, but confirmed by the Americans who observed it. One day in the mid-80s, a party of American tourists was as usual being shown reverently around the palace of Westminster. The Lord Chancellor of England appeared in full gig on a staircase above them, and he needed to talk, on some matter of altering a timetable, to the Right Hon gent's successor as Labour leader who was disappearing down a corridor the other way. so Lord Chancellor Hailsham, in full-bottomed wig and black and gold robe, called to the other by his Christian name. Over the heads of the American tourists, he bellowed "Neil".

Instantly, and without hesitation, all the American tourists in the middle fell fully to their knees. A similar obsequiousness is not required to all the forecasts I have shouted at you this evening. A small genuflection will suffice to the simple rule by which your generation could octuple Britain's real national income during the 40 years of marvellously increasing computer technology which will be your working lives. That rule, sir, is never, never, allow politicians to pinch and spend more than a quarter of GDP. Everything will be so easy for the poorest of your contemporaries if only you understand that."



Growth depends on never letting politicians spend more than one quarter of GDP

Oxford Union Debate of 30 May 1996

For the motion : Norman Macrae (CBE and Japanese Order of the Rising Sun), economist, market futurologist, writer of over 2000 editorials, mainly retired after 5 decades of journalism at The Economist and The Sunday Times

Against the motion: Rt Honourable Michael Foot, UK Member of Parliament for Plymouth (1945-1955), Ebbw Vale (1960-1983), Leader of the Labour Party (1980-1983) and succeeded by Rt Hon Neil Kinnock (1983-1992)

Monday, May 24, 2021

which of 6 ways to exchange goods is economical, green and safe where your local entrpreneurs families live and trade digital ship -oceans/rivers train- railways from bullet train to amazing undergeounds planes with or without poor peoples drones cars -roads buses - hybrid roads/rails/unirails transparent maps needed - ideas welcome

Wednesday, May 19, 2021



look to partner prof engineering institutions, infraststructure consortium oxford university and relationship to sdgs including 169 targets
linking infrastructutre sectir to targets positively and negatiively
understandinfg this helps us help gov development critical dev plans/ and implememtation in pracyice
eg with st lucia gov and oxford first national infra assessment
look at st lucia assets - how perform over time align portdolio projects towards goals over time- decision you ake now mqy have 50 year infrastructure lifecycle e locking in a generation's future

best practice we beed strong gov commitmmet to change
sdg can be great framewrk as well as clarifiucation of capacity building

balance gov short-ter politics with longterm need
breaking down silions across gov

tom ustda
buildng block everything we do
quality in process of plan and project design

oderated by:

Kristen Cordell

Adjunct Fellow (non-resident)
CSIS Project on Prosperity and Development

Expert Panel:


S​​teve Crosskey

Deputy Director of Infrastructure and Project Management, UNOPs

Enoh T. Ebong head shot

Enoh T. Ebong

Acting Director,

subbed tom hardy - now partnering japan quality inftastructures

Towfiqua Hoque | Senior Investment Officer, IFC/Global Infrastructure  Facility

​​​Towfiqua Hoque

Senior Infrastructure Finance Specialist, IFC/Global Infrastructure Facility


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