we welcome exchange of views - we assume china is number 1 country to help small enterprise the world with - see why at valuetrue.com; america will always be our 21st C friend- how else can we celebrate the best of english and coding languages with youth www RSVP isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com or text washingtoin dc (1) 240 316 8157


Sunday, January 29, 2017

2 italy at least the vatican

we do not know how to map sustainability for youth without tao and frabciscan valuwes- whilst we cannot continue being bullied by an EU with a euro designed to make germanyt sever stronger and border/perphery countries ever weaker, we love italy, the family way, the franciscan pop model  - no youth event brings us such joy as www.premiosciacca.it hosted annualy out of vatican; nothing we can search out to start 2017 can  be better for the world's sustainability collaborations with the south than China and Italy helping to maximise celebrations of Argentina G20

forever franciscan- for ever tao, forever zen, forever maharishi

Saturday, January 28, 2017

3 bangladesh and india

since 2007 our adam smith alumni have learnt more from the women of bangladesh www.brac.tv  www.journalofsocialbusiness.com about ending extreme village poverty and mobilisig extreme entrepreuruial parterships across global villages than we ever could have imagined-

 with thanks to storuies of muhmmad yunus and the deeply open system designs of sir fazle abed; the woprld needs india , bangladesh and china to love each others races to sustain women entrpreneurs -

the fact that the industrial revolution distributed innovation opportunities so unevenly leaving half of the aisn continent in the dar without electricity grids can be explained in 2 ways - either it was the greatest error british empire ever perpeytrated or human beings were constrained until technolgy ended the cost of distance in sharing knowhow - with 4000 fild more investment in learning comunications technolgies 2030 versus 1946- sustainability will depend on a global vuialge world wherever a child is born, her opportunity to be entrepreneurial is economically as well as socially designed into world trade systems

Indeia's G20 in 2019 will be the perfect time to celebrate all of tehse movementsa;
blockchain the world since 2008
kalam's 2020 schedule for tearing up any non-sustainble curricula
understanding how million person universal identrity permits bottom-up banking let alone aid in a way never previously possible
mapping why the world never could be sustainable unless the half of the people who live on 10% of land within 3000 miles of beijing are as pivotal in distributing what students learn anywhere as universities designed around English langiuage ever were

Thursday, January 26, 2017

4 japan and south korea

EconomistJapan.com EconomistChina.net EconomistAsia.net we have argued in The Economist since 1962 that the whole of the East should celebrate how Japan transformed from enemy of neighbours to starting up the whole hemisphere; the reality is chiense diaporea suoperports would never have grown in 21st C Q3 without the wealth created by japan quality system designs, advamces in electronics, civil engineering demonstration of supertrians (both bullet across a nation and underground through a supercity), superports including containersiation- without such diapora wealth inward investment wouldnt have come to china; and without all this the east's brialiant maps of 21st c infratsructure investment and hangzgouy's claim once again to be the world's epicengtre of positive world trade endorsed by g20 confirmation of one road one belt and EWPT would never have been possible

ebvery helmisphers' sustaoinability needs a uited eastern hemisphere now- lets hope the big 3 economies china, korea , japan forgive old attrocities- after all there's nothing cooler in empowering posituve youthful spirits (energising 24 hour a dayservice committment and community with each other) than teh way zen and tao brodge each other

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

5 Canada

EconomistAmerica.com The UK needs Canada's trust now more than ever and hopefully we can reciprocate with commonwealth beliefs (after all back in 1860 scottish compatriot james wilson died before his time in calcutta trying to design commonwealth- something his son in law walter bagehot helped queen victoria take to a new level with the english constitution). So why now:
while Mr Trump's America experiment with creative anbd uncreative destruction wuthout always knowing which is which- canada's smaller ego and abolsute belief in youth's future is needed; meanwhile an amazinly small per cent of canadian graduates go abroad, we can all help with that; china's trudeasu reletauionship with jack ma are the benchmark for the whole of america's ; even as France may hate the British for ending the uneconomic union, all we really want is small enterprise and youth free trade across all continents; rememebr too entrepreneurship is a french word coined around 1800 as scots and french teamed up in their auld alliance in reforming eneglish's empire's design of systems too big to exust

Monday, January 23, 2017

6 norway and finland

there's something collaborative about cold countries - canada, scotland, norway, finland - ultimately we the peoples know we must collaborate at community levels to last through winter- additionally norway and finland led mobile infrastructres with much of theh nations' futures of wealth designed around telenor/nokia

Saturday, January 21, 2017

7 NZ and OZ

Across the commonwealth we brits have always needed our down under connectors and wanted the digital world to empower these countries youth to maximise new found connectivity - nothing is more exciting in open learning world than the 34 year series of experiements hubbed around new zealand's www.thelearningweb.net

Friday, January 20, 2017

8 singapore and malaysia

we need to revitalise our old commonwealth trades - its fantastic trhat singapore is arguabky te smartest island in the world; its great that malaysia is a key infarstructitre partner of china;

in many cases brits may have messed up whether we were steadily helpful enough in the way nations celebrated 20th C independence but hopefully hong kong was one of our better moves- and yes one-china is china's 21st C vision to map and celebrate ...

singapore and malaysia can be solid bridges as china's mainland superports link in easterm maritoime woirld trade acroos the brilliant map of one belt one road

Thursday, January 19, 2017


we need friends in UAE - probably we brits need to work harder in understanding this cultural gateway  - lets starting with consolidating on trust built in dubai- the million dollar teacher prize summit is a nice space (created by a dubai education entrepreneur many of whose schools are in britain; the legatum invetsment bank connects many of the digital development labs we admire most; that dubai has an under 25  minister of youth whi is female is hopeful; its 2020 expo sdesrves to be a great sucess as do parale education networks acdriss te region such as WISE oput of qatar' the region's commissioner at www.educationcommision (a network that erpresnets gordon browns life work) hales from abu dhabi in the person of one of the regions greatest female technolgists whose work on superpoirts is seminal

10 Kenya (east africa)

Hopefully Kenya can continue its journey as one of africa's great mobile hubs for future of youth - with such starting points as mpesa, ihub, ushahidi, slum/urban microcredit  -mpesa originally from uk's vodaphone demonstrated what mobile telephony could do for development in africa; in parallel  mo ibrahim whose billions were founded through cellenet now runs the mo ibrahim foundation for celebrating best examples of african leadership; gordon browns interests in future of africa and education have morphed into www.educationcommission.org 

- its not clear across the east of africa;s continent where Britain can have the most sustainable impacts on the future which will probably depend on development partnerships with other countries ideally china than britain as an independent source of empowerment

of the countries that look like china's gateway to its eastern one belt : Kenya looks like the one that Britain can culturally help bridge (cf up the cost with djibouti, ethiopia, egypt)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

11 south africa

in spite of the heritages of gandhi and mandela, south africa appears to be journeying through many tipping points over the next few years; maybe the UK should offer to be present for support but not leadership direction ;that said branson has a lot of experiments going on around the digital world and a solid base in his south african education partnership with mandela extranet and maharishi university

south afruca is also intersting as the S of BRICS - the first combination of countries china was asked to segemnt in world trade as potentuially fastest grwoing economies-its worth noting how eagerly china has taken up each combinatorial invitation - ge we could say G20 was created so as to go beyond the G7

right now those conecerned with optimsalising eneglish and chiense youths future need a G3 - China Britain USA - lets hope that was on the cards when PM may and Trump met on day 7 at http://1461.world

Monday, January 16, 2017

12 argentina?

g20 2018 would be a great time for a rapprochement between argentina and uk;  perhaps the UK could dovetail with chinese and franciscan g20 youth networks expected to converge there and then onward to india g20 2019

one of the most likely changes over the next decade is development collaborations between east and south will progress fast while the demographically and constitutionally old north west simply needs to sort out its own youth futures before being too scientific about what sustainability movements it can actually help most

of course if the bbc ever got back to being all peoples world service - then the need for back from the future climate and other microfranchise solutions to be transparently mediated is greater than ever

how new and old media help the open learning economy needs to be clarified in every different mother tongue - britain and argentina have a lot of history on their respective parts of the world - there is no earthly reason why it should ever lead to conflict again

Thursday, January 12, 2017

13 chile and peru

while michelle bachelet leads , this country can be a pivotal collaborator in sustainability goals and advancing womens issues in a continent that hasbt always had the best of advice/support from northerners speaking english  

her ideas that education should be free are nearly right

the hubs of entrepreneurship in chile need sifting through case by case
Preferential Option Poor:  the 1960s saw the most magnificent dialogues on the Franciscan future of faith and ;professions we the opeople need connecetd by peru, chile and in education through paulo freire in brazil- while jim kim is at the world bank over the defining 1461 days www.1461.world his historic  relationship maps (boston haiti-peru-russia due to soros and gorbachev ) are worth understanding - see the world bank 2015 summit out of peru

will all of this conect in 2018 argentina g20 and what will the relationship of the US be with the contiennt by then- watch for what nationalities lead such oragsnaitions as the OAS and IADB; how the IADB helps conect south american and chiense investotrs;

Peru is also hosting gthe 8th summit of americas in 2018 http://www.summit-americas.org/default_en.htm

14 Ireland

Ireland may well find itself quarreled over between EU and UK..  the UK should always hold out an olive branch to Irelenad even if a few more years of teh Euro filly make the timing difficult

historically in many ways scots and welsh have more affinity for the challenges of their future of youth than with the richest parts of England; however we all share the english language- pone of te 3 great language all global youth need in addition to their mother tongue - the other two being chinese and coding!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

15 turkey & hungary & cyprus

Tyhe UK should extend friendships to Turkey and Hungary as border countries now clearly being disdvantaged by a Euro-EU and all of the impracticalities (even sausterities) of being ruled by top-down politicians 10 years behind the futures the eu needed to be most flexible in understand ing to be a good neighbour

cyprus deserves a happy future - and it could just be where peace is mediated between turkey and greece and more

Sunday, January 8, 2017

16 poland , and czechslovakia

our argument in 1984 was that the berlin wall would fall and teh west should marry peace with russia in every way possible - ending the way the cold war and had caused a worldwide map of countries being forced to choose one of 2 sides

the west (particularly the us phobia of communism) failed to engage russia in time for gorbachev's position to be sustainable - arguably poland was the bravest country through all this and indeed the best of allies britain has had in the region - the uk owes poland a lot more than it may be able to give

there are many ex-soviet countries that are being left out of a world of conectig opportunitoes while the Europena union redesigns itself - the UK should try to be a freidns to all without siding with any non-peaceful actrivists -again we wonder what ever happened to the integrity of bbc world service

Friday, January 6, 2017

17 russia

absolutely britain should develop good trading relationships with russia but we need to be smarter - the issue is less about Putin's style , more about what sustainable industry sectors can russia get into - and will it ever .liberate small enterprise networks- china will in effect test that with the logical conclusions of the invitations it made at china G20 to collaborate and through BRICS it mediates 4 countries that the North West isnt historically in the middle of co-partnering sustainably  

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

18-20 ??

who have we left lout in the top 21 countries britian can win0-win with developing youth and sustainability

we expect (actually demand) fats changing patterns of wolrd socila trade - emwpoering youth and educational systems where 98% of teaching roiels need to chnage- we look fporward to surprises in who will lead that - and with waht - eg with the satellite owned by an Ethiopian Americaca finally help co-create jobs all across its orbit linking African and major areas of refugees and emigration

of cousre none of teh ,ap we have started to itemise depemd on single coingtry relatiknships- combinatorial paterns wil determine wherther the elarning economy become biger than the exgtractiuon economy

and if iyt doesnt investing 4000 fold more in worldwide learning communications technolgies will not just be a waste but it will make half of youths .livelihoods unsustainable and that will mean that the 3 generation - tioadys' grandparents, parensts, and teh half teh woprld uynder 30 will have failked in the grand experiemt of boirdeless ustainability, and nature may well decide that humans are no longer her sdmartest evolutionary partenr

Friday, December 25, 2015

How can DC celebrate the Joy of Francis before, after and during 2/24 september 2015? isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com
help MAP Rome, DC, Peru, and top 50 youth jobs capitals and MicrofranchiseTrust
UN has called 2015 gamechanger year to sustainability goals. We value spreading grassroots health training and pop cultures everywhere- the later from Rome to DC why not your future capital. Help DC students work out how to ensure the once in a lifetime visit of Pope Francis stimulates unstoppable social actin networks which can also be transferred where sustainable youth are next blessed.

2015 April DC wb spring meetings; september 23/24 Pope Francis in Rome; october PERU to host world bank start year meetings

Thursday, April 16, 2015

3 questions to Partners in Health team visiting DC to discuss mirebalais

First DC is home to the 5 billion person elearning satellite owned by Ethiopian Noah Samara. In ensuring that the tipping point of open elearning is priortised around the poorest we are at the stage were we love to put up content promoting the best for the world training structures in whatever form they choose. What for PIH and Mirebalais and GHDonline?  In parallel we have hosted 3 dialogues with Sir Fazle Abed of BRAC on how elearning can help scale tipping points in girls educations and women4empowerment microfranchsing. And we also have so joyful open processes emerging around Africa's Job creating educators

Second the culture of Preferential Option for Poor has become my favorite millennials professional mindset to research. Several catholic universities have helped me start to map what student union clubs interested in POP should now abut first with a particular focus  in 2015 on lining in DC and Rome youth networks around this

Third I would like to now does PIH have an everyday knowhow envoy contact point in washington DC region

Saturday, February 7, 2015

#2015now .  , and #2015Rome
welcome to blog of how half of world world who are under 29 -and their educators and parents and communities- can celebrate Rome as a top 30 pro-youth and sustainability capital

 with special thanks to hosts of February update visit (Antonia Rome), Natasa Serbia and Rome, Bernardo Chile and Rome - and all their social business network youth and celebration of cultures that Rome and Vatican have linked history and future joyfully to -especially with preferential options for the poor have been tested in one place and sustainably replicated around the world
Product Details
] In the Company of the Poor: Conversations with Dr. Paul Farmer and Fr. Gustavo GutierrezNov 1, 2013 by Paul Farmer and Gustavo Gutierrez

related reference
The UN has named 2015 greatest change year ever
World Bank Jim Kim values millennials according to practice social movements needed to put the world back on sustainability track by 2030
Does your capital contribute unique connections to youth futures- please tell us how. isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com
Partners In Publishing World Record Book (and games) of Job Creation

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

correspondence welcome chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk i am testing every way I can to celebrate Catholic University DC alumni as connecting preferential options to end poverty in every relevant practice area - here are :-

Some Notes on difficulty finding university in washington DC region to study #2030now end poverty
a personal view - back in 2007 we started searching where my daughter might go to university starting in the class of 2015-2016

we posted 2000 book club of the muhammad yunus poverty museum race challenge -only to find that most universities prevented their students from collaborating; we helped sample 350 members of congress with Journal of Social Business

until 2012 dc turns out to be a city where many fund raise but few can tell you where to go and see  preferential options for the poor- this changed when Jim Kim came to the world bank as he has brought 30 years of networking knowhow - how to inspire boston students to linkin to such practice networks

http://www.tedxwbg.com/ Sources for millennials Happy 2015 dialogues of pih on 1 Ebola 2 how to leverage technology to radically engage patients on health care; UN is 2015 year of all change to sustainability goals
Trillion Dollar Audit Now: Global Social Value Health

Also in 2012 the lady who was from 1996 Yunus' first female director of mobile technology partnerships came to DC and I have been privileged to volunteer on advisory group of women4empowerment and to come to understand ow much youth can celebrate around BRAC which preceded Yunus as a formal grassroots villagers network by several years - being the villagers health and childrens education network before village mothers ad enough support to develop their banking circles

Monday, February 2, 2015

Maya, Luis thanks for arranging short notice debriefs tomorrow - POP Preferred Option Poorest (by millennial practice areas and MOOCs)

would like to make sure I fully debrief you on 48 hours of POP dialogues in Rome that chile's social university network ENS Global | Escuela de Negocios Sociales Yunus led by bernardo javalquinto arranged for me to mediate last week -POP= Preferred Option Poor- my book for homework was the peruvian-paul farmer dialogue 
Inline image

the only 3 organisations I have personally experienced this massively openly and practically with youth to live POP that are BRAC, partners in health and pre-2008 Grameen- of course this shows my ignorance- where else have you seen?

In Rome 48 hours of dialogue were organised by a lawyer  Antonio who acts as counsel for several people concerned with franciscan way, its liberation theology theory and where youth can practice it.  Antonio only speaks italian but his wife Natasa from Serbia translates as well as looking for east europe connections

meeting 1 with Don Bruno Lima ceo for Cardinal Hoyos - i dont understand the vatican organisgram but it seems that Cardinal Hoyos and presidential team at Giuseppe Sciacca briefs pope on youth and education revolutions

meeting 2 with campaigner for rome to get olympics in 2024- his archeology youth have just discovered coliseum 2.1 underground; they want to invite pop, sports and fashion stars to turn it into the greatest cultural exchange youth have ever seen 

meeting 3 with a director of european university in rome

I was asked who would most want to advance celebrate Pope speech at Congress september 24 in way that could maximise empowerment of youth and women concerned with every sort of millennials of POP - Preferential Option Poor

Strangely most of above people may not have heard of MOOC  elearning platforms coursera and absent of offereing a demo it was hard to imagibe that a 5 billion person satellite exists- so what I nees is connect now is whomever can credibly  take over relationships with the above people

chris  2015rome blog  usa mobile  240 316 8157

Giuseppe Sciacca board:  Honorary President Cardinal Hoyos;  President Professor Dott. Don Lima; President Giuria Prof Snataniello; V President Giuria Professor Rasi; Portavoce of President Cav. Dott Marsili; ...Organigramma 2012 | Premio Internazionale Giuseppe Sciacca

I was pushed at each meeting to stop saying I knew people who could help and say what I needed so 

1 i said a letter I could take to catholic university to explain above and to press office of Catholic congressman delaney
2 a letter asking americas connectors of POP youth in dc to form a committee in time to make sure their knowhow links positive social actions all round pope celebration at congress 24 september

if you feel something better should have been shared  them bernardo javalquinto in chile can be contacted  quickly tidy up loose ends I may have left behind

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dear Ana/Luis can we meet or skype  this week to discuss DC end of this; (Luis did you know that in 1969 a Peruvian started the Preferential for Poor curriculum) - book records fascinating dialogue convened by Notre Dame arranged by Jim Kim Paul Farmer and with Gustavo Gutierrez. Also it was Peruvian Catholics in Boston that arranged Paul Framers Bed & Breakfast needs for 20 years without which he couldnt have been the greatest public health servant millennnials world has to celebrate

Dear antonio and natasa (with extra info support) from bernardo can you move rome side of this action plan now

Dear everyone pelase celebrate Alacnterini, Ruggero- soul behind Rome's olympics  v1   Yunusolympics.com - open olympics to millennials action-celebration humanity's social heroines  bid 2024 -unlike all the other games if Rome gets that every sustainable youth culture will be valued more than any of the sportstars -Ruggero's archaeology friends ave just discovered that Rome invented underground coilliseum - I guess I better arrange a meeting with my old clients at Coca-Cola2015now (see UN's Ban ki-moon & .. top 10 Papal addresses on this)  recommendation 2  in each capital -2015rome-dc  form servant leadership council for how sustainability will only be united bottom up by empowering millennial action networks and apps for all sustainability critical preferential options of the poor

  1. United Nations Millennium Development Goals 

    United Nations
    The actions made in 2015 are expected to result in new sustainable ... '2015 is a chance to change history,' UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the Youth ...

1.0 Identify in both capitals catholic and first womens representatives of each pivotal preferential application for poor (eg Pope's challenges wish list) and sustainability 2015 tipping points (eg as specified by UN in its greatest change year)

1.1 These representatives to map how they can connect social movements of
americas catholic millennials (double check best version 1 maps available panama april 2015)
2  all catholics (eg N America deadline before us congress does away for summer)
3 all women for sustainability including end failed states by mobile infrastructure "leapfrogging"

2.0 Illustrative of high level representatives
Vatican - of any team formed by Pope on a change world agenda informed by franciscan (preferential-poor)   way ahead

NobelPeaceSummits - representative of each peace laureate cluster relevant to youth social actions

First roman university to commit to this being most important goal; of all its students and teachers

Relationship to UN (through Rome's UN wing which happens to lead agriculture for the poor)

Representative of Rome Olympics 2024 celebrating harmony of worlds youth cultures as well as youth greatest sporting heroes- linked into world wanting to get to know new collisseum discover

OAS valuing youth across states of america- next summit april 2015

TICamericas and IADB competitions for most social entrepreneurs americas as ever seen

Yabt and iadb capital and mentoring structures continuations sustaining americas youth most collaborative and social goals

Iadb has formed one west coat uni partnership (Berkeley-Blum out of san francisco) in making global poverty favorite student social action curriculum - identify DC's first university empowering catholic millennials demand for sustainability and public governance that ends inequality

About 6 change movements at world bank where catholics are   heading change agenda and jim kim is editor-in-chief with his lens of preferential option for poor -= starting with health for the poor. This is an agenda kim has 30 years of health empowerment networks with  young professionals. World bank leadersuip has massive connections with boston pro-poor catholics and students- and boston is also world leader in open web and mobile apps

Women4Empowerment and fashion4development indispensable connections through dc
 Elearning indispensable connections through dc including elearning apps satellite reaching 5 billion people across africa and asia

Lead Vatican-Franciscan under 29s (half the world's population) envoy in DC if Rome thinks this is already appropriate

Lead preferential for poor catholic in congress

Lead guest journalist for catholic millennials at CNN 

and able to help turner family with their billion dollar review of UN

3.0 in view of other deadlines of UN year of transformation- Suggesting 2 week deadline to set up first decision-making meeting on this in both Rome and Dc (with extra support from clean survey of preferential for options for the poor universities around the world that might want to linkin their capital to). Note how easy eg coursera and khan academy can scale this especially when each great missing student learning app is also celebrate world bank or youth-hero stars tedx style

4.0 bernardo and antonio- we need a short english summary fo what network Giuseppe Sciacca is tasked by Pope Francis to connect worldwide youth with

thanks chris macrae Washington DC  mob usa 240 316 8157