Good news : please Help map 1 .. 1.1...2. 2.1. 3.. 4 .. 5 ...6 what 30000 people zoom-celebrated HK startups July 2020future 8 billion peoples want to value2020 top alumni group Fazle Abed- search your top WRJ if not found rsvp who are top job creating economists by practice - health -refugee sports green hong kong..where are top tour guides around billionaire 1 2 around poverty,,, we the peoples ...
2020 Entrepreneurial Revolutions top 10
1abc hong kong fintech
2abc seoul
3abc Vienna & Hague
4abc ny state community corridors
5abc nordica
6abc haidian-beijing youth
7abc barcelona
8abc uae
9abc boston
10abc tokyo
ER begun 1976 The Economist 1 2
OUTOFBELTWAY.COM lives matter-can human-tech leap over value chains of shelf -safety*health*education*loveq*finance
latest heroic city medellin .what happened to humans in last 75 years
Questions about 45th annually top 10 entrepreneurial revolution spaces-Why is hong kong top? First the virus has caused a general post- places where people havent em;powered schools to practice humanity online are finding out how dismally unsustainable drowning in fake media can be- why has dhaka fallen out? how did new york state (outofwallstreet) make a comeback after 12 subprimed years? how did vienna leap ahead of geneva?...why do we still value uae-jordan? will adam smith's LOG make a comeback in time for the sustainability generation to be reality? how did new zealand make a comeback for first time in 15 years? why no west coast entries? why no african entry : it breaks our heart that kenya fell out and the good news is there are small countries now leaping ahead but it doesnt do them any favor to headline them until africa more coopreread the economist 1976 survey on entrepreneurial revolution- searching for an alternative to west's big 3 of corop-gov-foundation so that small start up leapfroging could match reality that 90% of innovations improving human lot were incubated msall and relemteslly over time not by 90 day profit if you cant exponentially see that a business model devoid of goodwill multiplying stakeholder energies is the least sustainable org design in the world then quite frankly you should not be let near big data on any of the tech that according to moore's law singularity now offer trillion times more analytic capability than available to the female team at mit that coded moon landing
black lives brooklyn; asian lives hk; austrian lives vienna; scottish lives glasgow; romance/conscious lives barcelona, rome, paris, digital connection lives NZ- rsvp if your young citizens lives matter
dhaka and rome and glasgow where love is all we need to end virus and other risks to every community's health and trade

welcome optimistic mapping - thanks to 1760 maps of 2 glasgow university men engineer Watt and market ethics system designer Smith

ideologies that seem to confine 1.5 billion people to be more than 3 times poorer than americans make no sense -why not celebrate every way chinese - diaspora as well as mainlanders- unites sdg- generations goals- china number 1 country to help small enterprise Soc5 and IR4 with - see why at; america always be 21st C friend- how else can we celebrate the best of english and coding languages with youth www or text washington dc (+1) 240 316 8157
help benchmark top 20 AI-5G supercity billionaires:


Monday, August 31, 2020 can oxbridge help english langiage sustain the wporld
1 vaccine coalition races oxford
2 chip races arm partner of masa son softbank japan connections with jack ma damo
3 cambridge european host of yidan prize and legacy of fazle abed
4 rhodes and 21st c rhodes- schwarzman - mit - tsinghua- still a lot tp do fpor oxford  to transform in line with adam smith's maps

rsvp other sdg oxbridge coalitions

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

best news of decade to date- continuing the 2010s when asians chose not to gtake wall sgtreet sunprime bait

 - hong kong, in spite of western fake media's contrary coverage, has taken over as sdg youth coalition startup epicentre gravitating entrepreneurial revolution required for millennia to be first sustainable generation - exponentially integral as tow thirds of people ate asian and ever since economist first reports of asia rising in 1962(Economist 1962)

perhaps most amazingly the ideology that youth need energise any nations start up culture didnt arrive in hong kong to 2015 when a confluence of inspirational happenings were webbed
first ever startup summit keynoted by elon musk

hong kong realised that in spite of jack ma's best efforts g20 hangzhou 2015-6 western naysayers wouldnt ever make hangzhou the edutech epicentre of zooming every issing curriculum needed to get back on sdg orbit

two wonderful testimonies zoomed out of startuphk around the  world on 7/7/20

ms kerena belin on how whub became a unicorn by celebrating startup connected cities as well as 3 things unique to hong kong 7 million ;people as the greatest collaboration entrepreneurs of any 0.1% seeking to unite human race

how the guy Savio Kwan from GE who had stgeadied jack ma's company when around 2003 (see podcast) it only had 5 months cashflow to live has like jack retired from ecommerce alibaba with twin working assignments - help 300 startups on chinese mainland ; build hong kong alibaba entrepreneur fund

1-2-3 hi trust networking has never riangilarised like this
1 hk's 75 million smart makers neighborhood is now 30 minutes drive away - this is also Tencent hope resion- the T of the BAT triple ecosystem which some compare to US GAF respects hong kong as a win-win with its own triple-win odyssey

(Baidu-Alibaba-Tencent :: Google-Amazon-Facebook)

2 hong kong is already seen by whole of asean as regions most blessed connectors- you can come from almost anywhere in asean to pilot whether citizens get your startup passion- hk is probably the one place in world you can use best of google and best of chinese tech- dont forget too that when it comes to drones - one chinese startup owns 75% of personal-entrepreneurial customers and its foundation of drones for good is part of how asia can now trace viruses be they agricultural or human

3 in hong kong sustainability startup empower focused sdg-moon racers who are not designing a financial vehicle to exit from but a life times odyssey- when dad surveyed silicon valley in 1982 venture capitalists believed in conscious moon races not exits- we will not rank a west coast place as top 10 in entrepreneurial revolution until clearer explanations emerge as to why west coast usa dropped baton on big data virus and big data of edutech valuing youth ,livelihoods

more on whub, and angelhub -  the first investment crowdfunding platform to receive a license from a Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) in Hong Kong
-  - and euro compass of cofounders K& K

angelhub connects with whub described liked this

Karen Contet Farzam: My co-founder Karena Belin and myself have been immersed in the startup ecosystem since 2014 with the launch of, Hong Kong’s startup community platform and power connector comprising over 3,000 startups.
WHub’s tagline is #StartupPassion – as WHub’s mission and passion is to help startups innovate and scale, as well as to foster the growth of the entire ecosystem. WHub was set-up to connect startups to resources, know-how and the visibility needed to raise capital, create employment and build innovation. The startups that are featured on WHub not only showcase their products and services, but most importantly their most valuable asset: Their Mission, #Passion, and Team.
Initially, WHub went live with a jobs board to help startups recruit and gain visibility. The services very quickly expanded and now offer a full range of services that connect startups to the necessary resources and ecosystem stakeholders, on-line and/or via off-line events, as well as to global networks including corporates, investors, government organisations, universities and main stream media.

Sep 11, 2019 - ... Kharis Capital and Hong Kong FinTech unicorn TNG Fintech Group Inc ... says Karen Contet Farzam, Co-founder of AngelHub and WHub.
Feb 7, 2019 - Life Lessons from local unicorns at Startup Impact Summit 2019 ... Moderated by Karen Contet Farzam, WHub Co-Founder & Chief Hustler, ...
May 22, 2019 - WHub, a strategic partner of Crunchbase, recently launched their FinTech ... evolution of nine homegrown Unicorns, of which four are in the FinTech sector: ... moderated by WHub/AngelHub co-founder, Karen Contet Farzam.
Karen Contet. Founder CEO - Founder Chief Hustler - Founding Board Member FinTech Association HK | Speaker. AngelHubHEC ...
Missing: unicorn ‎| Must include: unicorn
some points of clarification from whub whitepaper on Fintech HK

 FinTech accelerates change and disruption due to technological innovation such as Blockchain, AI / Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis and Cloud Computing. With an average FinTech adoption rate that has doubled in the past 3 years from 16% to 33%, FinTech has achieved initial mass adoption in most countries. Hong Kong is one of the top IPO hubs in the world, with a stock market capitalisation at around 11.5 times its GDP.

Whub/Angelhub became the 9th homegrown Unicorn alongside "Currently SenseTime, WeLab, Lalamove, Tink Labs, BitMEX, GoGoVan, Klook, TNG Wallet and AirWallex are the 8 homegrown stars in Hong Kong confirmed as unicorns"

Friday, July 3, 2020

lives matter

celebrate interdependence week 4 3 2 1 0 series jy 4-11 -at the  same time as we celebrate entrepreneurial revolution's top 10 for 2020  we really want to  twin cities and thanks thiose who  are still peacfully  emerging from conflicts that history made and herstory's lives matter must replace now if our species is to continue nature's dance - mapamekers can expect what follows as thinking aloud  aboyt what we need gto unlearn next

hong kong top - WHUB collaboration sdg startups and frank debates on big data public need to balance -sophie ai education- yidan and the 21st centuries top 50 education laureate are- ali baba diaspora entrepreneur fund- 6 day zoom of hong kong entrepreneurs
dhaka out of top 10 while legacy of fazle aded - world largest nog partnership remapped - women lives matter memory of his alumni go marching on BUX- brac uni -c1
vienna - boys choir-links cities of music/artists- ban ki-moon r climate adaptability- former austria president global youth civics curriculum- soros ceu-bard-osun -at salzburg wise zoom co-sponsor
brooklyn public library- asrd microcollege- black lives matter- medgar evers and cuny- brooklyn school at  .; ny tough-loving-cuomo - french and other dial language colleges- i have researched 2o historically black university's regions mapping most of america's areas of inequality- only new york has the infrastructure to sort pout the triple whammy of covid, lives matter, public service needs a bid data engineering makeover
barcelona- eu's number 1 knowledge city and number 2 to rome in cross-cultural reconciliatio- franciscans can ui9te across all tech romance languages while an argentinan pope links in waves of consciousness
singapore probably should be in our top 10 - in truth 66% o0f humans who are asian owe so much to the  island triad of singapore. hk, taiwan in the 0G to 3.5 G decades 70s until subprime, as do these islands owe to post-war japan and s korea as the first bridge to continent- right now hiong kong needs singapore to play the wisest of cooperation needs as of course does asean and south asia-
glasgow 27th decade of morals, machines and humans - started up glasgow u watt & smith- still confronting adam smith's double triangularsation challenge- can glasgow moralise oxofrd and london; can the united nations  of english  speaking world bridge islands and the atlantic oceans two norther continents
beijing - the idea that human ai sustainability can be achieved without empowering china's under 30s became the worst of all  washington consensus under hatemaker trump- haidian  is theonly universityregion in gthe world where professo0rs get the greatset 21st c innovation chalenge- half of what youth needs to value knowing most chnages every 5 yeras as does the data -  siloised hoerachiocal professors are last  network in world to expecty sdg leapfroing from - global scholars networksneed to linkin haaifiannowmeore thanever
hangzhou shouldbeintop 10 but when i asked one of alibaba's wise sniors- how jack's3rdlife of teaching 5.0going - he said jack was expecting to livehiosunrole outofa plabenot acitytil coronacame-he's beenfereeing  knowhowof wuhanforntline servants as the core ofall core curricula needed
NZ- digital lives of 16-25 matter - CRIMSON; 6-15  THELEARNINGWEB.NET
tokyo- the island nation that has kept on giving since 1945   - anyone  who knows the genre of entrepreneurial revolution mustbe aware that in mapping post colonial relations (win-wintrade) between east andwest - tokyo became the epicentre in 1964 and so it sad that the plansofsoviety5.0.newolym;pics,aosaka  big data track, thenewempiree era have all been sidelined until thevoirusisgone-weadviseanyoneinterestedininternationalnew tolookatnhk  forts- somehow it manages to tellwofrldwidenews  throughclommunity vpices in ways  no other briadcaster knownto us
dublin/cork special zones
boston-schwarzman-mit-berners lee
geneva unctad with jack ma and ai education sophie twin sister hk,itu, who & red crescent
taiwan - virus free networkers
durban-mumbai - gandhi, montessori... mandela -history's wonderfjul experiments so far not integrated by modern tech nor peaceful gulfs

Thursday, July 2, 2020

on 7/7 hk pitches to world

Normally whub and angelhub and stastuphk  organise hong kong's most exciting pitching week - this year it zooms instead of taking place at the city's exhibition center

here's a preview kindly presented bu ahub

Featuring the most exciting startups exhibiting at #SIS20

Tinky Bike | Smart Farm Assistance | mymizu | SilveryNanos "HAPITO" |  | EYELIKE Platform (LabSD, Inc.) | Life Origin | Safewheel | Shuttle Bangladesh | ShareRO | Clear Plate | Digital Saathi | Flare of MASHAL | Share a book (Erised Works) | Shop.141 | Pur.Di.Ya |  | Peace Maker Studio | AntiMatLab

Looking forward to Tech For Good Startup Showcase - IoT/Physical at the Startup Impact Summit hosted by Invest Hong Kong and WHub with my fellow Cynthia Cheung at the Youth Co:Lab, an initiative co-led by the UNDP and Citi. Tune in to listen to these brilliant pitches this Wednesday at 3pm HKT!

Expert panelists:
Jo Chan, AngelHub
Diane de BeaudrapWHub
Sylvia KONGGobi Partners China
Nesh S.Accelerating Asia

#SIS20 #StartmeupHK #smuhkfest20 #investhk #TechForGood #pitching

Saturday, June 20, 2020

dual language cities

if a leader of a heroic city is visiting dc - we always love to host a grind type event - north bethesda outofbeltway epicentre of montgomery county - a top 20 city economy in usa if it wasnt classified as a county and independent of whichever vested interest rule inside beltway

[Webinar] The Bilingual Revolution Series: Episode 3: Launching the Program

Posted on June 6, 2020 fantastic work by fabrice jaumont over 25 years built multiple dual language schools around ny - french, italian, japanese, russian Posted in Bilingual RevolutionWebinar

normally changing us standard exam schooling next to impossible but if parents from 2 languages team up for years demadning a community school - this can free up children and teachers - see fabrice's book bilingual revolution- look at next events at with france's cultural mission in new york

dual language cities - fantastic spanish case from mayor medellin columbia at virtual wise today 24 june 2020- medellin posted to be next real wise too- medellin aims to be tech and post covid benchmarks for all spanish and american speaking world

fantastic 20 minute zoom 24 june by mayor of medellin to 1000 people at wise summit

apparently he's been using tech to change education and aims to be benchmark post-covid city for latin america- he will also host for the first real wise

Friday, June 19, 2020

beijing ccg update

typical experience ccg beijing go listen to 100 leaders -half from china pitching 5 minute celebrations of peoples globalisation around the world- read through library of 30 plus most urgent worldwide challenges that have been illuminated by this most multicultural thinktank i have had privilege to observe

 23nd June, 2020

In commemoration of the UN 75th anniversary forum
Enhancing multilateralism to collectively achieve the sustainable development goals

Wednesday June 24, 2020
15:00-18:00 Beijing Time
09:00-12:00 Central European Time

Teleconference via Zoom
Live broadcast via multiple media platforms
( Simply click the web link after the session begins to watch the live program for free, no Baidu app needed. )

Follow @CCGthinktank on Facebook , @CCG_org on Twitter and Center for China and Globalization on YouTube to get future event updates, live streams, and videos from CCG.

Co-organized by
Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies (ACCWS)

Center for China and Globalization (CCG)

Center for International Security and Strategy (CISS)

Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC)

Valdai Discussion Club

British East Asia Council

About the event
In 1945, the founding of the United Nations raised hopes for a new era of peace and prosperity for all. Over the past 75 years, the Organization has become the cornerstone of today’s multilateral architectures tasked with managing and reducing shared global problems. In recent years, however, a deeply worrying rise in unilateral sentiment across the globe has combined with the world’s long-standing challenges to produce a crisis of confidence in multilateral institutions. Defined by the Covid-19 pandemic and its massive human, social, and economic costs, this challenging, complex moment in which we find ourselves requires global governance on a greater scale than ever before, and a rethinking of the very multilayered system it rests upon to ensure inclusive and equitable policies and outcomes for all. Will the pandemic crises provide a golden opportunity to rekindle the commitment to multilateralism and sustainable development? How can the United Nations regenerate its capacity for mobilizing cooperation for share global challenges and reshape the zeitgeist of our time?

15:00-15:10 (10min.)      Opening Remarks and Introduce Key Note Speakers

WANG Huiyao, President, Center for China and Globalization (CCG); Counselor for the State Council
Vladimir Yakunin, Co-Founder & Supervisory Board Chairman, Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC)

15:10-15:45 (35min.)     Opening keynotes

Keynote speakers:
Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Former French Prime Minister
Nicholas Rosellini, Resident Coordinator, UN China
YI Xiaozhun, Deputy Director-General, World Trade Organization (WTO)

15:45-16:50 (65min.)     Discussion 1: Multilateralism at a crossroads: challenges, prospects, and innovations for global governance in a changing world

WANG Huiyao, President, Center for China and Globalization (CCG); Counselor for the State Council

Speakers (alphabetic order, TBC):
David Chikvaidze, Chef de Cabinet of the Director-General of the Nations Office at Geneva
Martin Raiser, Country Director for China and Mongolia, and Korea, World Bank
Justin Vaisse, Director-General, Paris Peace Forum
SHA Zukang, Former Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations (UN)
Vladimir Yakunin, Co-Founder & Supervisory Board Chairman, Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC)
ZHU Min, Former Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund (IMF)

16:50-17:55 (65min.)     Discussion 2: Shared responsibility, shared future: the way forward for SDGs

Jean-Christophe Bas, Chief Executive Officer, Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC)

Speakers (alphabetic order):
Fyodor Lukyanov, Research Director, the Valdai Club Foundation
Michele Geraci, Former Undersecretary of State at the Italian Ministry of Economic Development
Claire Courteille-Mulder, Director of Country Office for China and Mongolia, ILO
Douglas Noble, China Country Representative, UNICEF
Beate Trankmann, UNDP Resident Representative in China
YU Yunquan, President, Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies (ACCWS)

17:55-18:00 (5min.)     Wrap-up

Follow @CCGthinktank on Facebook , @CCG_org on Twitter and Center for China and Globalization on YouTube to get future event updates, live streams, and videos from CCG.

How will the pandemic crisis impact global economy?— Director of the World Bank's Prospects Group analyses proepects for the global economy
June 12th,2020
A Looming Food Crisis on Top of the Coronavirus Crisis: Roots, Solutions, and International Cooperation
May 18th,2020
India and China: two Asian giants amid a pandemic
May 15th,2020
Technology and Coronavirus: Lessons and Proposals from China and the United States
April 29th,2020
The year of Europe on hold amid a pandemic: perspectives on European integration and China-Europe cooperation
April 23rd,2020
The world under fire: the role of the WTO in a global response to COVID-19 pandemic
April 20th,2020
How will COVID-19 change the landscape of international education
April 17th, 2020
COVID-19: opportunity or challenge for US-China trade and beyond
April 9th, 2020
Coping with a pandemic: perspectives from the global business community
April 1st,2020

Publisher: Edward Elgar
Co-editor: President of CCG Dr. Wang Huiyao and CCG Secretary-General Dr. Miao Lu

This book brings together nearly 40 experts and scholars from all over the world in the field of globalization to reflect on and address the issues surrounding the globalization process and China’s global influence. Read more…

Center for China & Globalization(CCG)is a leading Chinese nongovernmental think tank based in Beijing. It is dedicated to the study of Chinese public policy and globalization. Boasting a strong research team, it enjoys an impressive record of publications and events with broad public policy impact.

In the 2019 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report released by the University of Pennsylvania, the world’s most authoritative think tank ranking, CCG was again recognized as one of the world’s top 80 think tanks, ranking in 76th place globally. CCG is currently the only non-governmental Chinese think tank to hold “UN Special Consultative Status”.

Two well-known scholars, Dr. Wang Huiyao and Dr. Miao Lu, founded the CCG in 2008. Today near 100 in-house researchers and staff serve this thinking hub with subsidiaries and divisions spanning across China including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Qingdao and Hong Kong.

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