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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

geneva vienna hague

 3 cities that guide so much of what future is possible - out of the continent where white empires Less than one sixth of the human race's ethnicity) took us  down the roads to last exits before extinction eg 2021 through to 2023 to 1984 timelines in association with biography of john von neumann whose legacy from 1957 was 100 times more tech pee decade - what some call industrial revolutions 3,4 in contrast to 1760-1945 industrial revolutions 1,2 - see also part sponsored by elon musk who has done his paper in changing cars beyond carbon gas, seeing space as a second opportunity if humans blow up earth, making his first 100 million dollars to fund these two future by co-founding paypal one of the few fintech tools the west invented for everyone not just rich get richer-anyway imagine if we could find 20 elon musks- maybe extinction would be off the table; 

geneva has so many of the tech's biggest moving parts of un with the itu hosting aiforgood; unctad asking whether trade is mapped to sustain all people (of course wto is there for arbitrations between big players but unctad is about all we entrepreneurial communities of people can shape fututr of tarde from;) then of course the (WHO) world health organisation with the red cross ( my understanding that the red cross was born in switzerland though clare barton twinned washington DC's us version soon thereafter) - see barton OR nightingale at world record jobs

also swiss universities are helping refugees and others get 1 year certificates where old university monopoly charges 4 years out of a peoples lifetime - this is fast moving news - rsvp see also abedmooc 5.4 4.4  -also chile's former president michel bachelet is now high commisioner

vienna is where ban ki moon now hubs 2 networks on climate adaptability (co-launched by hague) and rights- wienna has long been un's second eurocity after geneva

the hague is brac international headquarters - also mazing royal family with queen maximus un envoy for fintech and princess laurentien unesco advocate for literacy - its now possible to help any illiterate person become literate in 30 hours (but this does need spreading eg daily over 90 by twenty minute sessions- want to know where to see 30 hour literacy rsvp

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