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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Canada from 5 to 99

it is shocking how much trudeau abused jack ma's trust- clearly truideau doesnt want sdg tech wizardry to be avaiable to canadian stidents

Canada first hosted the weakest g7 ever being bullied by chief liar trump and then imprisoned the daughter of huawei founder - whatever elese huawei is or isnt 5g would be year5s retarded without this family onwed comapny- shame on any canadian politician who cliams to value yout

EconomistAmerica.com The UK needs Canada's trust now more than ever and hopefully we can reciprocate with commonwealth beliefs (after all back in 1860 scottish compatriot james wilson died before his time in calcutta trying to design commonwealth- something his son in law walter bagehot helped queen victoria take to a new level with the english constitution). So why now:
while Mr Trump's America experiment with creative anbd uncreative destruction wuthout always knowing which is which- canada's smaller ego and abolsute belief in youth's future is needed; meanwhile an amazinly small per cent of canadian graduates go abroad, we can all help with that; china's trudeasu reletauionship with jack ma are the benchmark for the whole of america's ; even as France may hate the British for ending the uneconomic union, all we really want is small enterprise and youth free trade across all continents; rememebr too entrepreneurship is a french word coined around 1800 as scots and french teamed up in their auld alliance in reforming eneglish's empire's design of systems too big to exust