video at Penn Ave DC: would 5G exist without china? related Future:2030vs1945
welcome optimistic mapping - thanks to 1760 maps of engineer Watt and market mapper smith, assume china number 1 country to help small enterprise Soc5 and IR4 with - see why at; america always be 21st C friend- how else can we celebrate the best of english and coding languages with youth www or text washington dc (+1) 240 316 8157
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Friday, December 25, 2015

How can DC celebrate the Joy of Francis before, after and during 2/24 september 2015?
help MAP Rome, DC, Peru, and top 50 youth jobs capitals and MicrofranchiseTrust
UN has called 2015 gamechanger year to sustainability goals. We value spreading grassroots health training and pop cultures everywhere- the later from Rome to DC why not your future capital. Help DC students work out how to ensure the once in a lifetime visit of Pope Francis stimulates unstoppable social actin networks which can also be transferred where sustainable youth are next blessed.

2015 April DC wb spring meetings; september 23/24 Pope Francis in Rome; october PERU to host world bank start year meetings