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Monday, February 2, 2015

Maya, Luis thanks for arranging short notice debriefs tomorrow - POP Preferred Option Poorest (by millennial practice areas and MOOCs)

would like to make sure I fully debrief you on 48 hours of POP dialogues in Rome that chile's social university network ENS Global | Escuela de Negocios Sociales Yunus led by bernardo javalquinto arranged for me to mediate last week -POP= Preferred Option Poor- my book for homework was the peruvian-paul farmer dialogue 
Inline image

the only 3 organisations I have personally experienced this massively openly and practically with youth to live POP that are BRAC, partners in health and pre-2008 Grameen- of course this shows my ignorance- where else have you seen?

In Rome 48 hours of dialogue were organised by a lawyer  Antonio who acts as counsel for several people concerned with franciscan way, its liberation theology theory and where youth can practice it.  Antonio only speaks italian but his wife Natasa from Serbia translates as well as looking for east europe connections

meeting 1 with Don Bruno Lima ceo for Cardinal Hoyos - i dont understand the vatican organisgram but it seems that Cardinal Hoyos and presidential team at Giuseppe Sciacca briefs pope on youth and education revolutions

meeting 2 with campaigner for rome to get olympics in 2024- his archeology youth have just discovered coliseum 2.1 underground; they want to invite pop, sports and fashion stars to turn it into the greatest cultural exchange youth have ever seen 

meeting 3 with a director of european university in rome

I was asked who would most want to advance celebrate Pope speech at Congress september 24 in way that could maximise empowerment of youth and women concerned with every sort of millennials of POP - Preferential Option Poor

Strangely most of above people may not have heard of MOOC  elearning platforms coursera and absent of offereing a demo it was hard to imagibe that a 5 billion person satellite exists- so what I nees is connect now is whomever can credibly  take over relationships with the above people

chris  2015rome blog  usa mobile  240 316 8157

Giuseppe Sciacca board:  Honorary President Cardinal Hoyos;  President Professor Dott. Don Lima; President Giuria Prof Snataniello; V President Giuria Professor Rasi; Portavoce of President Cav. Dott Marsili; ...Organigramma 2012 | Premio Internazionale Giuseppe Sciacca

I was pushed at each meeting to stop saying I knew people who could help and say what I needed so 

1 i said a letter I could take to catholic university to explain above and to press office of Catholic congressman delaney
2 a letter asking americas connectors of POP youth in dc to form a committee in time to make sure their knowhow links positive social actions all round pope celebration at congress 24 september

if you feel something better should have been shared  them bernardo javalquinto in chile can be contacted  quickly tidy up loose ends I may have left behind

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