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Saturday, June 20, 2020

dual language cities

if a leader of a heroic city is visiting dc - we always love to host a grind type event - north bethesda outofbeltway -chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk epicentre of montgomery county - a top 20 city economy in usa if it wasnt classified as a county and independent of whichever vested interest rule inside beltway

[Webinar] The Bilingual Revolution Series: Episode 3: Launching the Program

Posted on June 6, 2020 fantastic work by fabrice jaumont over 25 years built multiple dual language schools around ny - french, italian, japanese, russian Posted in Bilingual RevolutionWebinar

normally changing us standard exam schooling next to impossible but if parents from 2 languages team up for years demadning a community school - this can free up children and teachers - see fabrice's book bilingual revolution- look at next events at with france's cultural mission in new york

dual language cities - fantastic spanish case from mayor medellin columbia at virtual wise today 24 june 2020- medellin posted to be next real wise too- medellin aims to be tech and post covid benchmarks for all spanish and american speaking world

fantastic 20 minute zoom 24 june by mayor of medellin to 1000 people at wise summit

apparently he's been using tech to change education and aims to be benchmark post-covid city for latin america- he will also host for the first real wise

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