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Friday, June 12, 2020

since 1841 -one of britain's worst moments for human development as it declared opium as a currency forced on trade it wanted to do in the far east which included war on china as loser both ceding hk to british governance and closing down continental china's fifth of humans to world trade for a century and a third -see norman macrae's celebrations on asian people rising out of poverty -consider japan 1962.. rural keynsianism is spreading across the asian continent 1977

 we invite you to map how hong kong people currently just 8 million has done more to mediate the best of east and west than anywhere -its been a huge turnaround for humanity than the traps to asia's 65% of people that the 2 biggest island empires britain and japan spun- as we enter the 2020s we ask everyone consider uniting the positives of hk spirit and technology  not just for the love of 8 million hong kongers but the win-win world trade gifts they have multiplied with the 1000 times more people sharing mother earth

HKScotland sister nations can sustain us
economistfuture.com norman macrae 

after 50 years dedicated to action networks of ending poverty, www.fazleabed.com died in dhaka on 20 dec 2020- he had travelled from east pakistan as a teenager to graduate in engineering at glasgow university- he joined the royal dutch shell company's london office where he rose to appointment as regional ceo in his homeland east pakistan - in under a year in this post - 1970 saw a cyclone hit killing half a million people all around him- this changed the meaning of his life- he sold his london flat, ended his position with shell, invested all he had in starting up brac ngo 1972- working with women in the poorest villages he designed small enterprises most relevant to last mile health and food security services - inspiring and inspired by women lift up half the sky models in south china- thus rural keysianism emerged reported in the economist of 1977 as the happiest antidote to big empire macroeconomics- so 2 billion people were saved -see eg borlaug rice science - from subsistence livings to what has become a hafl century of the most exciting stories of human development ever

after my father norman macrae the economist's end poverty sub-editor died on 20 june 2010 the japan embassy in dhaka hosted 2 remembrance parties -one on how sir fazle saw tech uniting how brac was becoming the world's largest ngo coalition with bkash partners emerging as the model that might help bank a billion unbanked, the other the legacy abed intended by designing a university capable of uniting all universities valuing knowhow of women ending poverty and celebrating sustainability goals

qatar's first lady sheikha moza invented the global education laureas around alumni of fazle abed in 2011

WISE=education laureates alumni coalition maps
economistuniversity.com normanmacrae.net

two years later sir fazle abed was brainstorming with george sirs central european university and all his open society solidarite movements what would the coalition of open society university networking need to look like in the 2020s - on jan 2020 at the world economic forum the 90 year old soros launched osun

sorosuni.com join alumni of money marketers who loved to see societies thrive round planet earth
Economist's norman macrae foundation

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