old header - feb 2023 in hong kong to discuss how much has changed since dec 2019 death of abed and decade of Bangladesh as number 1 cooperation space- will be updating soon - with singapore friends, we have huge cooperations planned new york march 2023 glasgow june 2023 - mail chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if your city in middle of scaling cooperations with UN tech envoy office or 23-24 college year buildinup to UNsummit future DUBAI + 2021 Entrepreneurial Revolutions top 12 countdown 2025report.com

dhaka : hk hkft singapore  2 oxbridge Netherlands ...glasgow adam smith cop26 november with italy &. 3abc hong kong fintech 4abc seoul and busan 5abc Vienna geneva & Hague 6abc ny state community corridors 7abc nordica
8abc haidian-beijing youth 9abc barcelona rome 10 abc uae stanford & valley ,, boston 12 abc tokyo ER begun 1976 The Economist 1 2
lives matter-can human-tech leap over value chains of shelf -safety*health*education*loveq*finance Economist's Macrae Norman Foundation 17 sdgs Map-Notes G1M.N : G2 M.N : G3 M.N : G4 M.N: G5 M:N

Saturday, December 31, 1977

boston - best city in us to study in except.... those professors/richest alimni designing extinction- who's who use your searches

Entrepreneurial revolution & Metaverse update spring 2022 if there are particular MIT influencers at any stage it could be that john & jose & fady can help from knowing- i guess virtual events dont make local connects the same way real events do but multiple times I have been told https://mitsloan.mit.edu/faculty/directory/edward-roberts is one of the people who chooses what entrepreneurs to back (his office is a bit hidden away at sloan); until trump I had great hopes of schwarzman these days not sure but every studenr I met at  8 trips ro Tsinghua was great so hope one day students are free to connect human ai everywhere- if you ever go middle east the toyota franchise abdul latif is great bridge builder with mit; and tufts alumni reeta roy is amazing connector; I would love to see chinese arabic and english translation mediated the optimal way (i am unclear whether zbee has a special power on languages - see mother tongue something a lot of ai may do culturally wrong way round)

 love about boston

arctic circle youth summits especially if old style diplomats on 1960s news ancors drob by - some incredible alumni -eg the lady who runs mastercard foundation and a few chiense who chnged communism to community capitalism

whats not to love about this who coded poores girls bihggest cashless bank - www.bkash.com by mit legatum part of why i tell female stidnets they are much betetr off visiting brac than any colege classroom in usa

and of course there is berners lee still trying to keep the inetrnet free for everyine - maybe maolypics will invite him back to tokyo olympics- the bbc has shamed us all so many times in missing world services biggest stries let alone tbls' webs but suddenlt the bbc has found a green voice - bostn students should tune in then celebrate every green Belt Road they can map anywhere - you dont have to be chiense to ask did colonisation design ports and traisn so as to trap most people in poverty- how would you redesign peace on the seas and at every bodere railways cross with win-win exchanges

we are looking for added tem members for mit solve- hearsor entry - co-editing in progress - contact chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

student union club beltroad.systems

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Our tagline:

ER belt road map win-win trade green china global2.0 sustainability exchanges new youth blockchain damo alibrac microfranchises open learning

www.BRI.systems  www.worldrecordjobs.com 2018 50th year since father norman macrae pitched entreprenerial revolution at the Economist-can Belt Road Imagineering map back futures  -- in 1968 dad surveyed many global villagers inpspired by moon landing how would world be different with 1000 times more communications technolgy- father who served as teenager (navigating planes over modernday bangldesh) saw world war 2 as end of colonial zero-sum trade models and from 1962 popularised win-win trade models betrween east and west and increasing networks of small enterprises and community open source solutions; he believed education would need to come outside classroom next 3 billion jobs would need comunity microfranchise, go green, big data small leapfrog tech; www.EconomistDiary.com  suppose everywhere that nations linked by belt road clusters discuss new dev banking they maximise youth exchnages and wizard tech - and value girls hold up half sky- we'd like to share apps challenges at student unions - our first set of cases can technologists connecting bangladesh's bkash (see www.brac.tv sir fazle abed partners as largest ngo in world)  and jack ma's alipay - help study blockchains that helps under 30s leapforward as sustainability generation - or what other tech tipping points do you see many of which jack ma rehearses at his damo academy - help linking more detailed student briefs at our linkedin groups UNwomens  www.economistrefugee.com  www.43weeks.com 


back tp masive re-editong of ths ning!!

and then there is mit 100k - affective technologues - how senosrs can add back a sense to humans (eg the blind ) without one- or why communitues that create million jobs for youth with autsism will sprout colege networkd even more wondrous at startups peoples really need  - look out for every partnership between boston and tsinghus - between chiense tech and communiteis w=where gorls face the deeepest sustainability challenges ever  

chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk dc text 240 316 8157 linkedin unwomens

======================rest under reconstruction

we've been tracking MIT competitions since 2007 when Norman Macrae Family Foundation started sharing muhammad yunus challenges with tens of thousands of students - please mail chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if you would like an update - we are moving most of our live coverage to EconomistDiary.com and the worldcitizen.tvpartnership log of world records jobs creators and summits

Are student entrepreneur competitions a best way to rebuild jobless nations? Today we know of one proven success and one billionnaire who is about to find out. 30 years ago The Economist encouraged the BBC to lead jobs competitions as soon as the www scaled. Today The Economkist is up for sale. Curiouser and Curiouser? Reports welcome chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk 7 years of research on do student jobs competitions work (typical case) in assciation with


Who are some of the greatest youth entrepreneur competition winners we  https://jobscompetitions.ning.com/ have ever seen? - special congrats to north carolina alumni - double first winning world bank athgo and best of states of yunus competitions. Can anyone help sample Gusto Gum in LIma during first week of October?

Athgo International's photo.
Athgo International's photo.
Athgo International's photo.

Athgojobs  would like t ho congratuum part of why wsww.braclate all the winners of ‪#‎Athgothon2015‬‪#‎Innovators‬‪#‎youth

First place, Team 1 Gusto Gum
2nd Runner up, Team 4 Round Up
3rd Runner up, Team 13 Amber Alliance

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Can you help us with a coding frame for top 50 practice foci of student entrepreneurs and accelerators concerned with #2030now two defining social movements of the net generation -end poverty

twinning future capitals in massive youth jobs expos

Below is a league table of top 50 foci which we regularly update- it is based on personally judging about 300 of the most social pitches us students have ever made as well as comparing other pitches and winners throughout the worldwide monitoring maintained at this ning and through associates including those concerned with open sourcing the number 1 curricula of job creating economics and education .....

hottest youth-spring question of our life and times-can online education end youth unemployment for ever ? yes but only if you help map how!

Breaking News from April includes

From April 18 - updating news 13th annual 100 historically black university competition for student entrepreneurs nbelieving in martin luther king's action-dream culture

* Dr Yunus awarded Congressional Gold Medal on 17 April

www.ConsciousCapitalism.org  in association with www.wholeplanetfoundation.org  and www.wholekidsfoundation.org  hosts summit 5-6 April

* DC's first Yunus inspired competition 13 April www.udc.edu/isse/socio_sustainability_entrepreneurship_business_plan_competition

* Atlanta stages 12th annual Historically Black University Youth Entrepreneur Competition www.ofcvc.org

* Education is the subject of the 2013 Yunus MIT prize ongoing at http://web.mit.edu/idi/yunus.htm

* Monica Yunus' Youth and Superstar community and cultural celebration network continues at www.singforhope.org

* Grameen America new web www.grameenamerica.org  launches with:

"ALL People Are Entrepreneurs, But Many Don't Have The Opportunity To Find That Out" Muhammad Yunus



Welcome to the home of the YOUTH10000 question - how many of youth's 10000 greatest job creators will do it with ... energy.. education,, health .. opentech ... massmediaheroes ... hubs ... food and water ... ?

Update 1 december 2012 -Alabama (18 jan 2013) becomes 4th state of jobs competitions of youth & yunus -also see videos on progress of North Carolina winners of Sept 2012including sanitation creations that is gaining worldwide mentoring support and pennies for progress - currently the benchmark student funding movement for investing in yunus youth

Yunus Youth Competitions & Journey to Poverty Museum YunusUni what if very us state had one day a year when all the silos of education and politicians were broken down and everyone came to celebrate youth's most exciting investment ideas in sustaining communities given 2010s unprecedented collaboration technology. Yunus competitions have now spread across 4 states. Active consequences 1) most celebrated youth teams and start-ups: 2 questions on whether washington dc region will ever join in; 3) Undetsanding greatest leverages of yunus bangaldeshi knowledge networks in 2013...

Other Jobs Competitions...

Yunus offers his co-brand to students with the greatest trust relationships in societies with urgent sustainability and job creation crises to resolve. Parterships sought with other competitions whose records we journalise at this ning wherever compatible - for example MIT competitions resource youth with the greatest net generation technolgy and we'd love to partner open source startup streams eg hot this season OpenIr and MOOCs -eg secondary curriculum of biogas rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk with connections ideas...

J00 -womens solutions (Benchmarkfor poorest women in africa and asia)

J01 Black Youth Dream Capitals Atlanta DC Cape Joburg

J02 Asian Youth Dream Capitals At Dh Bei To Lu

03 Latino  Youth Dream Capitals Ba Mia SanD At Ro Rio BuA Mad Pa

J04 East Europe Youth Dream Capitals At Wa Bu KI

05 All under 21s Dream Capitals and wiki post 2015 goals At

06 End to end Diaspora value exchange maps/models At DC Dh


07 Breaking through top 20 anti-youth monopolies

08 Youth futures in warring regions

Y08a superportas

09 Youth futures in other historically divided regions

00 which region can be trusted to bank futures innovations youth most need- in other words which will be the international reserve currency of first net generations



11 Peace & Social Fiction Mediation At Dh Ro Ny

12 Youth Collaboration Action Heroines and Heroes At Dh ...

13 Rights At Cape Ahmed

14 Public servant & 2 million global village empower 21st curriculum At Ro Wa Jo Lu

15 Urgency of Open Space Future's greatest conflict with history's constitutions

15a labs partnering disaters ares often source of greatest inventions for human lot


OPEN EDU platforms, practice peer to npeer

21 Open Edu Jobs & Change World Curricula At Jo Bo San Dh

22 Open Source/Tech Everything At Bo

23 Free Nursing College, Afford Access Health At Bo Gl Dh Ark imposs card 1

24 Radical Community Broadband Experiments At DC Sing Bei

25 Khan Ac production lab everywhere leaders value youth innovation At Dh


HI TRUST ECONOMIC SYSTEM DESIGN -models , ownership, professions

31 ER Hi-Trust Economics System Maps At Gl Bu Dh -economics / entrepreneur curriculum as net ge livelihoods -taddy sunita bernardo smith curriculum

32 Future exponentials missing metrics - goodwill, transparemcy, sustainability, youth-purpose markets, multi-win models of grounded knowhow multiplying value in use AT Gl Ten

33 YWB Ownership of community and  Global banks with values open system triad (cashless, capital, village) At Dh Ch Na Va

34 Orphan-lovers Financial Literacy and Jobs Curriculum At Mu Na Net

35 Youth investment funding processes -eg crowdfunding At DC Sa Par

35a youth portal club  ysn dc-cdc; anna

36 china-youth world trades and celebration of back from future goals

40 Nanocredit - next nearly free mobile use to free extreme povery/abused women

41 Empower Womens Poverty Race Twin Global Village Labs At Dh Na

42 Fashions responsibility revolution At DC NY Dh Lo


51 Youth Entrepreneur Summits At Bo DC

52 Practice connecting networks: students, mentors, judges, open edu, suitable capital sources

53 Postcards of greatest opportunities to scale microfrachises and goodwill partners

54 developing job creating promotions as a smarter media than tv advertising

61 Green Energy Futures Curriculum At Lo Bo Dh Bei

62 Corporate half generation conversion to zero footprint At

63 Solar and photosynthesis At Lo Bo Dh Bei

64 Food and water security At

Y65 End waste At

y65.1 change plastic chile

66 disasters - prevention and relief in mobile age


Facilitation methods

71 trillion dollar audit mapping - pro-youth sector purpose of global village value exchanges

72 open space

73 grounded theory and other methods of exception analysis of opinion surveys

74 collaboration cafe

75 maximum 9 minute audio blackboard competitions

81 young professionals reformation agenda

82 modelling sectors greatest compound risks in ways that peoples can understand ahead of time

18 January 2013 is next opportunity for everyone to swarm and celebrate a whole state's students greatest community investment innovations with Dr Muhammad Yunus. Join us at Tuskegee Uni/Macon County, ALabama - area is one of the poorest areas of the United States. Many of the other communities in our state are also not very far on that list. Our communities need new ways of solving social problems and help fuel economic activities to get back on their feet.

On May 11, 2012, Prof. Muhammad Yunus (2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner and the Father of Microcredit) came to Tuskegee University as the commencement speaker. As you know, Prof. Yunus is only one of the seven people in the world who received Nobel Peace Prize, US Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the US Congressional Gold Medal. During his visit, he challenged the university and the community leaders to work together to change the name of the Tuskegee/Macon area from “One of the Poorest Areas” to a “Model Area” and use that model to help other communities. He also promised to work with our communities on this matter. As part of his commitment for our state, Prof. Yunus has been asking leaders from around the country to think about ways to get involved and help and visit the areas to get a first-hand understanding of the extent of the needs. Nobel Peace Laureate Yunus has also agreed to come to Tuskegee University on January 18th to hold a conference with local, state, and national leaders to discuss how he and others can help our communities. As you know, Prof. Yunus has been an advocate for the poor and promotes the idea of moving people out of welfare system and make them productive members of the society. He has successfully created many social businesses to solve local social problems and in the process created many jobs and fueled economic growth. We all can take advantage of his commitment to this state. We are inviting you to join this major initiative and be a “Partner” to take advantage of this opportunity to help communities. Together, we can discuss ideas and explore how to develop strategies to help all of the local communities in the State of Alabama and other states. We think that the State of Alabama could be a model state for the rest of the country in solving social problems by creating jobs.

 Mohammad Bhuiyan, Ph.D.
Vice President for Innovation and Sustainable Development
Professor of Entrepreneurship
National Director,
OFC Innovation & Entrepreneurship
3350 Riverwood Parkway Suite 1900 Atlanta, GA 30339

what happens when all the resources of a state's education system rememebr to ask students on  how they would create jobs and help societies become labs for solutions of communities' greatest sustainability challenges ? - see North Carolina's first 60 days of progress on this journey

or for a more particular innovation challenge:   if just one day a year what would happen to a place like washington dc   (hotline 301 881 1655 ) if all the silos and conflicted parties that vesyed interests spin spent just one day listening to brightest youth ideas of how they would like to spend (some of) their lifetimes on challenges every community needs to relentlessly collaborate around to sustain better futures?

more on the sorts of projects students (case north carolina's25+ public colleges sept 2012) come up with when given a day to present to the world's number 1 pro-youth economist muhammad yunus  search other pioneering states such as georgia, oregon, alabama at http:/jobscompetitions.ning.com  or monitor the world's biggest live experiment when Tokyo listens to 12000 live youth on 30 january 2013

you can also blog with us on questions like- how many of youth's 10000 greatest job creators will see education as their main network of practice or how many of 10000 greatest job creators will see banking as their main collaboration network; you can also join the 2050 youth leaders we gave yunus books to in searches through http://yunuscity.ning.comqueries

queries/ideas/colaboration scoops welcome

chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk washington dc hotline 301 881 1655, Family Foundation of The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant www.NMfound.net

Update 10 oct 2012 - we are currently rereviewing the first 100 social business competitions pitches celebrated across USA states university systems with dr yunus here- ideas wanted on how to linkin washingon dc's year long SB competition to 6 april 2013 -or indeed anyone you can report for us  :eg1  Tokyo Plans 12000 youth economics competition

-chris.macrae@yahoo.co.ukwashington dc hotline 1 301 881 1655,

Foundation Norman Macrae

Breaking News- Greensboro 27 Sept 2012- Youth Wins North Carolina- major victory for youth jobs celebrated today with yunus and pennies for youth build america- 1 October Portland Oregon- greatest commitment to student social business competitions ever seen goes to portland

september updates on greatest youth jobs competition movement ever networked - from Oregon;  N.Carolina; DC; from Atlanta; Tokyo -share your info chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

join our post in the debate at The Economist on can economics design the futures youth most want to work round?

jobscompetitions is a project of norman macrae family foundation- the Economist's Unacknowledged Giant -join our friends -fav calendars B

..USA's first 3 community franchised social business solutions -created atlanta competition fall 2011

georgiastateprize -can youth entrepreneurs design food retailing service that values nutrition of poorest families in urban Atlanta?

gainsvillestateprize -when corporations move an industry abroad can society help sustain craft or other businesses around uniquely valuable skillset

georgia gwinett college prize -economics of adult literacy/reading- can netgen solve $2.3 billion annual cost to georgia of adult illiteracy

throughout the year Foundation Norman Macrae (The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant) we are helping celebrate those convening youth 1000 jobs creation brainstorms - links to current schedule to start USA university year 012-013 : 27th September N. Carolina  (with support from TiE (http://carolinas.tie.org/ ), and SBTDC (http://www.sbtdc.org ); 28 September DC/MD/VA starts 9 month prep,   October 1 Oregon Social Business and Microcredit Forums

PLEASE link us to other hubs mobilising pro-youth economics such as:-
DOLLAR A DAY $1  would you survive
 home .. forum
world's #1 net of growth economy -
Can America's poorest county launch 21st C Agri & Tech Uni

Can America's Uni of Poverty (also known as 21st C Eagri and Tech) connect enough knowhow and heroic youth out of america's poorest county for MIT to want to partner IT? Can the way usaid crackthenut 1 in feedingthefuture 2 help nutrition 3 of all american youth too? Why is MITcurrently one of the 2 most valuemultiplying uni paradigms in the world?

30 years ago MITs fans of entrpeneurship started jobs for youth competitions and has became the world's number 1 job creating alumni network- impacts it has gravitated include

  • epicentre of web - berners lee
  • the lab for exploring the greatest human apps of digital media - media lab
  • open course ware and www.edXonline.org  (previously MITx)
  • the convergence conference on everything humanly accessible with mobile reported most notably by student fellows from developing countries around the world
  • investors sustaining the most valuable multi-win models

tell us - chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk - if your country has a university partnering mit in job creating purpose or which is worldwide collaborator in student job competitions; my father's lifetime contributions to The Economistclarified why the only places to grow in our 21st -knowledge networking century- will be those who chnage economics to how well families and communities invest in youth's productivity

the good news is you dont have to be as highly resourced as MIT to get started in being a world's most exciting jhost of job creating competitions- america's number 2 host started round martin luther kingsi have a dream culture by linking in over 100 historically black universities out of atlanta; in 2012-2013 their jobs competitions are spreading up east and west coast with cheerleading from over 100 leaders including nobel laureate muhhamad yunus; a partership is also being formed with the free university movement that runs job competitions inspired by mandela out of s.africa with paetners such as branson, google and kiva

also as per this 1984 update of The Economists's mission to invest in youth, the most exciting fusions of new and old media will scale billion people interactions in community franchises youth can co=produce around the net generation's millennium goals Net Futures - The 2024 Report









whos talking tech 2018

Posted by me on April 22, 2018 at 3:46pmComments 

AI and robotics are changing the future of work. Are you ready?
June 4-5, 2018

MIT Media Lab

Cambridge, MA


AI and robotics are driving rapid and radical workplace transformation across all industries, for companies large and small. These and other emerging technologies, like advanced manufacturing and AR/VR, are changing jobs ranging from manufacturing to medicine to retail. 

EmTech Next will examine the technology behind these global trends and their implications for the future of work. It will delve into their potential to empower the human workforce and open up new areas of economic growth, while also exploring their unintended consequences.

How can businesses better use artificial intelligence?

How will you prepare your workforce for the jobs of the future? 

What skills will be valued in this new era? 

How can you stay agile and steer your career through this time of unprecedented change?

Topics include:

» Artificial Intelligence and its impact on businesses

» Robots as your…


whos talking tech 2018

Posted by me on April 22, 2018 at 3:46pmComments 

AI and robotics are changing the future of work. Are you ready?
June 4-5, 2018

MIT Media Lab

Cambridge, MA


AI and robotics are driving rapid and radical workplace transformation across all industries, for companies large and small. These and other emerging technologies, like advanced manufacturing and AR/VR, are changing jobs ranging from manufacturing to medicine to retail. 

EmTech Next will examine the technology behind these global trends and their implications for the future of work. It will delve into their potential to empower the human workforce and open up new areas of economic growth, while also exploring their unintended consequences.

How can businesses better use artificial intelligence?

How will you prepare your workforce for the jobs of the future? 

What skills will be valued in this new era? 

How can you stay agile and steer your career through this time of unprecedented change?

Topics include:

» Artificial Intelligence and its impact on businesses

» Robots as your…


great cases - student competitions generated - husk power

Posted by me on September 21, 2012 at 12:30amComments 

some queries to breakthrough bankers bullshit-

see valuetrue on why invetsments aiming to compound more than 9% are usually going to destroy banks

in service and knowledge econoy- developing a replicable franchise is most common chalenge however there are few frabchsies that have taken less than 7 years to effect be these the origins of junk food like mcdonalds or of something important for youth's futures like a clean energy franchise- howver the good news is that such knowledge franchsies once fully developed as suddtainable models can get on a moores law if they have a goal that unites all stajkehlders productivities and demands in a uniquely pursposeful way - by a moores law we mean that they start doubling progress of their goal every few years (3 maximum, sometimes even annually) - grameen solar installations is atypical case - started in 1996 it took nearly 10 yers before it got on a doubling  by end 2010 half a million solar units installed; by end 2011 one million solar units installed- similar progress with jobs created eg among viilage girls who provide the after-service

your country has no future in any innovation youth most need knowledge netorking age to invest in until economists and bankers stop lying about how sustainable investment dynamics work



rough note transcribed during 2012 paris conference www.convergences2015.org

notes from acumen speaker www.acumenfund.org http://blog.acumenfund.org/

acumen "patient capital" invests in projects that have social goals but are expected to fully pay back over 5 to 10 years

six focal areas

water and…


the 2 most exciting job creation networks in the world

Posted by me on April 30, 2012 at 4:30pmComments 

1 youth

2 microentrepreneurs in developing world - what love about real cases is the opportunity to spot whose doing a great job in community that could be a great job in many more communities - tell us chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk where to browse catalogues of microentrepeneurs -these from wholefoods 1 2make one wonder what is stopping other global companies from using some of their promotional budgets to celbrate the wonderful jobs that being connected to the first net generation can linkin all over the world

1 youth

2 microentrepreneurs in developing world - what love about real cases is the opportunity to spot whose doing a great job in community that could be a great job in many more communities - tell us chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk where to browse catalogues of microentrepeneurs -these from wholefoods 1 2 make one wonder what is stopping other global companies from using some of their promotional budgets to celbrate the wonderful jobs that being connected to the first net generation can linkin all over the world

Sareta is a microcredit is small loans - usually less than $300 in the developing world - requiring no contract or collateral, offered to the poorest of the poor to create or expand a home-based business.

">microcredit client of South Pacific Business Development, Whole Planet Foundation's partner in Samoa. Her first loan of… Continue



chris macrae posted a discussion

mit new class 018=9

News, Events, and More from the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship.View this email in your browser MIT fuse & StartMIT Info Sessions This Week! What will YOU be doing in January during the Independent Activities Period? Interested in taking part in either MIT fuse or StartMIT? Come learn about each program, which one is right for you, and how to submit a winning application.Sign up for one of our Info Sessions:TOMORROW at 12 noon in 32-155 (Stata Center)TOMORROW at 5:30 pm in…See More
Oct 29, 2018
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start up cities

see review by revolution and forbes - beyond silicon valley - ever since amazon hq2 competition - lot mlore debate on factrors that make a start up city5. BaltimoreMajor VC Deals: SonatypeSpringWorks TherapeuticsTenable3-year Deal Count: 220Cost of Doing Business: 11% above the…See More
Oct 12, 2018
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french creative lab

After a successful second edition in fall 2016, eight new French startups were selected to participate in the third session of the French-American Creative Lab, taking place from November 6 to 15, 2017 in New York and Los Angeles.Several criteria, including the international potential and innovative aspect of the projects, guided the jury’s selection process. The selected…See More
Aug 1, 2017
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Jul 25, 2017
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Guardian Sustainable Business Awards

Reader awards: vote now for business leader and unsung hero of the yearThank you to all who put in nominations for the Guardian Sustainable Business reader awards. The shortlist has been created – vote for your favourites below Who will you vote for? Photograph: GuardianMonday 11 April 2016 12.56 EDTLast modified on Monday 18 April 2016 14.26 EDT…See More
Jan 24, 2017
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Add cgap@worldbank.org to your contacts to ensure email delivery.…See More
Dec 6, 2016
chris macrae replied to chris macrae's discussion correspondents mit 2016/2017 needed
"Research at www.quarterbilliongirls.com suggests that blockchain and china networks of top 30 business enetrpreneurs club have become the epicentre of sustainability girl's futures in addition: experiments into educating 300000 children at a…"
Dec 3, 2016
chris macrae posted a discussion

correspondents mit 2016/2017 needed

due to this year being mainly focused on youth entrepreneurship in china, our normal correspondents wont be able to chronicle boston./MIT as much as usual - help welcomed chris.macrae@yahoo.co.ukWant to turn it into an actual product or service?  The deadline to apply to …See More
Dec 3, 2016
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knight cities -inner city entrepreneurs

Three winners this year have previously been selected as K880 Emerging City Champions. The Emerging City Champions program, administered by 8 80 Cities and now open for applications, awards $5,000 microgrants to young civic innovators. It’s exciting to see the emerging talent pipeline as these civic innovators scale their ideas to larger projects.While all of the winning projects…See More
Apr 12, 2016
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global ideas 2016 april 4

Rob Matheson | MIT News Office April 4, 2016Press InquiriesSHARECOMMENTImagine if, upon paying for your groceries, you received not just your cash receipt but also a receipt detailing your groceries’ nutritional information. That’s the concept behind an innovation that won first place at the 15th annual IDEAS Global Challenge, held Saturday in the MIT Media Lab.ValueMe, co-founded by two MIT Sloan School of Management students, earned the $15,000 award — and high praise from judges — for…See More
Apr 10, 2016
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It is with great excitement that REDF announces a new portfolio including 22 of some of the most innovative and effective social enterprises in the country.These social enterprises were selected to receive REDF’s financial assistance and advisory services after a nationwide competition that drew over two hundred applicants from 36 states that serve numerous target populations, represent a diversity of industries and business lines, and provide a range of supportive services and real work…See More
Feb 11, 2016
chris macrae replied to chris macrae's discussion demand solutions 2015 itch finalists
Sep 21, 2015
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demand solutions 2015 itch finalists

StartupRepresentativeCountryUsound - newbrickPatricia SánchezArgentinaCarpoolearGabriel WeitzArgentinaCaribbean Transit SolutionsKhalil BryanBarbadosColab.re – Plataforma de ligaçãoentre cidadãos e governoBruno AracatyBrazil…See More
Sep 21, 2015
chris macrae replied to chris macrae's discussion brac mobile money competition/fund
"BRAC's Innovation Fund for Mobile Money Open publication - Free publishing Do you have a great idea on how BRAC can use mobile money? The 2nd challenge is happening now -share your idea today!  Read this blog in…"
Aug 24, 2015
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"7 ways BRAC will innovate with mobile money this year June 1, 2014 by Tasmia Rahman, Paroma Afsara Husain, Amanda Misiti and Maria A May We are excited to officially announce the winners of the innovation fund for…"
Aug 24, 2015
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Aug 24, 2015