Saving Human species: Geneva since 1946- can multilateral engineering Unite Peoples' Sustainability goals; Glasgow 1760 can engineering 0.1 develop humanity? Franciscans Rome since 1200s can cultures mediate peace & trade for good. Since 1972 can of Asian Villages Empower every locality from pre-school up? RSVP to celebrate meta-citizens supporting UN2.0 and youth as first susdtainability generation
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DUBAI + 2021 Entrepreneurial Revolutions top 12 countdown
1 dhaka : hk hkft singapore
2 oxbridge
...glasgow adam smith cop26 november with italy &.
3abc hong kong fintech
4abc seoul and busan
5abc Vienna geneva & Hague
6abc ny state community corridors
7abc nordica
8abc haidian-beijing youth
9abc barcelona rome
10 abc uae stanford & valley ,, boston
12 abc tokyo
ER begun 1976 The Economist 1 2
lives matter-can human-tech leap over value chains of shelf -safety*health*education*loveq*finance
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latest heroic city medellin .what happened to humans in last 75 years
Questions about 45th annually top 10 entrepreneurial revolution spaces-Why is hong kong top? First the virus has caused a general post- places where people havent em;powered schools to practice humanity online are finding out how dismally unsustainable drowning in fake media can be- why has dhaka fallen out? how did new york state (outofwallstreet) make a comeback after 12 subprimed years? how did vienna leap ahead of geneva?...why do we still value uae-jordan? will adam smith's LOG make a comeback in time for the sustainability generation to be reality? how did new zealand make a comeback for first time in 15 years? why no west coast entries? why no african entry : it breaks our heart that kenya fell out and the good news is there are small countries now leaping ahead but it doesnt do them any favor to headline them until africa more coopreread the economist 1976 survey on entrepreneurial revolution- searching for an alternative to west's big 3 of corop-gov-foundation so that small start up leapfroging could match reality that 90% of innovations improving human lot were incubated msall and relmteslly over time not by 90 day profit if you cant exponentially see that a business model devoid of goodwill multiplying stakeholder energies is the least sustainable org design in the world then quite frankly you should not be let near big data on any of the tech that according to moore's law singularity now offer trillion times more analytic capability than available to the female team at mit that coded moon landing
black lives brooklyn; asian lives hk; austrian lives vienna; scottish lives glasgow; romance/conscious lives barcelona, rome, paris, digital connection lives NZ- rsvp if your young citizens lives matter
hangzhou.. > hong kong
dhaka and rome and glasgow where love is all we need to end virus and other risks to every community's health and trade

welcome optimistic mapping - thanks to 1760 maps of 2 glasgow university men engineer Watt and market ethics system designer Smith

ideologies that seem to confine 1.5 billion people to be more than 3 times poorer than americans make no sense -why not celebrate every way chinese - diaspora as well as mainlanders- unites sdg- generations goals- china number 1 country to help small enterprise Soc5 and IR4 with - see why at; america always be 21st C friend- how else can we celebrate the best of english and coding languages with youth www or text washington dc (+1) 240 316 8157
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Saturday, July 31, 2021

yidan prize hong kong

 one of the best things to happen to the world let alone hong kong is the yidan prize & luminaries -

their special focus in 2022 is India having awarded pratham's india their main annual prize - check out events - throughout the year yidan tours places like harvard, oxbridge staging zooms and real events so that each hemisphere's teaching community converses with in this year india's pratham

 some july 2021 notes are at and abedmooc 4.6

here we trace some of its early connections as evident from whom yidanprize follows at twitter  @ReimagineHEdu

vicky colbert   lucy lake  salman khan  brac ultra poojustin tay un rankings   ilabs   camfed

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

india - sunita , marta .india barcelona switzerland bangladesh

 update liknedin brainstorm july 2021 -connections ove4r 50 years of brac - cholera and dirrhea lab preventin third of infant dealths; partnerships of barefoot medic networks across continent of asia; vaccinating comtinemts; ending rb

marta i see that at hope there are some potentially revolutionary india contacts both at the queens english language school and probably this lady i wonder if there can be new win-wins for sunita or any of the india networks

Can we conquer tuberculosis - Dr. Shelly Batra - TEDxWBG. 3 views3 views. • Feb 16, 2020. 0. 0. Share. Save. 0 / 0. Sandeep Ahuja. Sandeep Ahuja.

i also realise that when it comes to grassroots health i have so far failed to intro you to shelly- at the only tedx jim kim convened at world bank she represented how to end tuberculosis across india; in fact village networks of ending tb have always been both jim kim's main thing and how he befriended soros gates and fazle abed; he's now back in boston; frankly the contributions to ending covid from people like kim have been very hidden ar best; the problem of being a harvard and world bank leader is you cant afford to challenge the white house to directly even when its been overtrumped

unfortunately the news on covid gets worse - it seems that a booster is needed every 9 months at least to prevent youth from being spreaders; so i guess there are 2 different maps; those who get on with education but without directly connecting deep covid solutions and those that want to do both; maybe different team members can be allocated - how do you see this within what your youth most want to scale over the school year 21-22?

i see part 2 switzerland as needing a lot of detailed research

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

discussins with my linkedin friends india

 Nisha over 20% of people live in indai- more precisely where are you located - i dont code elearning /classrooms myself - in bangalore my friend dr ranga might know if there is anyone relevant to you I am most concerned with montessori methods of ending illiteracy whilst led by worlds largest school (lucknow) I am not sure they do any noodling; you may have heard that the world's largest education prize  out of hong kong has a special focus on india 2022 but its almost all being linked through pratham their 2 million dollar prize winner - have you come across pratham ; i have bumped into some of their people twice at brookings in washington dc  worldwide i expect varkey's million dollar prize now with about 500 teacher cohorts may have a noodle practice community - are you already in touch with that

Monday, July 19, 2021

 would it be possible to meet or zoom with someone in your team? I am completing a book on this subject as the final viewpoint of my diaspora scottish  father and two grandfathers work aimed at turning the age of machines into one where every next child born has a great chance at life - my father' -norman macrae -first 20 years of adulthood included being n allied bomber command stationed at burma and in 1962 writing the economist survey endorsed by president kennedy and prince charles that japan had innovated development models through which the Asian two third of the world could rise; my father also became the futurist journalist of von neumann and in 1984 i co-authored 2025 report arguing that sustainability generation would depend on total transformation of education. when my father died the japan ambassador to bangladesh helped arrange the first of 20 visits to asia since 2007 to understand what fazle abed and others mean by uniting 100 universities' students in sdg projects demanded by billion women. While i understand OSUN is a leading partner in thst challenge, i think i noted some of sir fazle's unique ideas which are not yet being fully applied due to his untimely death and covid. In a rough form they are at  in case they are relevant to leaping forward post-covid - i am also curious as to how to reverse where hungary is going given all your family and von neumann's opposite contributions for humanity. i live in washington dc but new york up and until unga76 is where most relevant family and professional friends are linking in.