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Thursday, September 22, 2022

 geneva idair co-founded by amandeep plarform cooperation digital health and ai ar unga science meeting

Friday, August 12, 2022

canada update

 Hi in searching tech futures the canadian who inspire me most is https://stephenibaraki.com/ieee-tems/ieee-tems_interviewslist.html but I dont know stephen - enjoyed seve4ral lunchclub interviews with canadians but not found way to mutually follow up   ; ontario richard kang - venture capitalist tech https://www.linkedin.com/in/rkang1/  tracey barber partnerships maths finance Toronto U https://www.linkedin.com/in/tracybarberonlinkedin/?originalSubdomain=ca   ian germaise toronto edtech https://www.linkedin.com/in/igarmaise/   john hussey montreal  executive search and partnerships

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

arranging brooklyn sdg collaboration walks aug and spet 2022 - let leap forward celebrating real UN again

 Thanks -definitely planning a brooklyn themed tour but it will be delayed a bit - definitely not august 8. 

Javeed great to hear from you as brooklyn resident as we have spent many days at global educators can change world summits- and I expect your passion India may be more of a contributor to sustainability than almost anywhere  if want younger half of world to be first sustainability gen not the first extinction gen By the way if there are climate concerned folks- close to a million youth in usa chatted about this march but havent been given any collective follow up yet even though this is mainly by largest philanthropist sponsored - 

you can find about 50 regional convening professors secretariats - is there one that chimes with you - can we somehow help CUNY and NYU and any other community anchored student alumni help each other at least on green

Have absolute focus on new york as only place within my reach where every change can come together in ny as a world class livesmatter city unlike any other in uss- if anyone has a favorite community solution that can be visited or zoomed please make sure it is known

I find this NY events catalogue is extraordinary-  nearer september (its not up in 2022 version yet) https://virt.com/search/?when=past

By the way walking tour may be the wrong word- though I intend to participate in visits wherever we can meaningfully link if you are zooming or hosting event any time between now and end of september please say

I mention end of september for at least 2 reasons- by then we will have much more from the UN published, calandraised - 
I have found that in engaging student (youth 18 up particularly)  so much of their calendar year is determined by end of september. There were many universities that were supposed to be sharing solutions that were the legacy of my friend the late great sir fazle abed economistdiary.com abedmooc.com,catholicuni.com  but then covid came along; and fingers crossed we are entering the first year where meetings are normal again- now half way into the timelines for sdgs

now if you are energised by one sdg in particular - i would love to know as the year round staging of SDG Metaverse Prize - is the

 first time that all solutions communities could be sharing will be curated goal by goal with combined support of UN, Xprize, various bcorps sponsors- if you have any Q&A on this prize the simple bit is teams register by end december; 2 to 6 people; choose one goal that is most important to you; create a story that viralises empathy - the tricky bit is the stanging of the story needs to reach out to web 3 netwrks but how to do that doesnt need to be worked on to 2023 and there will be a lot of free mentors if you have an extraordimary story; equally if you know people who already do meta stuff and /or stuff helping the UN go digital we really need to be connecting them. I am trying to make a library at http://www.economistlearning.com  There is no reason why the most trusted NFT or coin for each of the 17 sdgs should not be up and blossoming by this time next year - indeed it it isnt I wonder if the UN's app out of NY will be gone as far as most of the wortld's population is concerned

 chris +1 240 316 8157

Thursday, July 7, 2022


breaking with boris gone its a new day in london but while stalin 2.1 dominates (aka PUTIN),, goodness knows where peoples of europe can help each other- my only visit to kyiv was 1999- a whole generation of hope mismapped... we sure do need new eXPonential Rising OPs- friends trust this year long www.sdgmetaverseprize.org  one absou=olutedly but that still doesbt help with do nows


In 1946 Geneva's ITU became first and only engineers' web by and for all human collaborations. The ITU was born as digital twin to UN HQ policy making donated by New Yorkers.


CAN humans survive 2025=1945 8 decades multiplying XP100 per decade- since 1975 these have roughly been known as the 5G 4G 3G 2G 1G decades depending on what world standards of collaboration ITU telcom operators the world over map. However the full alphabet soup of what neumann's generation of greatest Euro-American mathematicians gave the world now reas something like the AI Alphabet soup footnoted. 

21st new uni search started with friends of fazle abed 2001 and billion women empowerment

(Its important to realise that in academic silos segmented names spiral -whether you call this whole soup AI in respect of Neuman peer network or metaverse gaming & sci fi's most popular name for web3.0 (which has typically advanced at about 17 years instead of the G's 10 is up to you but please mnote humans apply hundreds of languages - ultimatly the AI translators exist to bridge silos even as western professors rankings reward the opposite have rewarded the opposite until educators started asking whether they can help design metaverse-good. by  celebrate younger half of the world's most valuable DAO/SDG-NFT of all)

From 1945 the eXPonential impacts of engineering have multiplied 100 fold per decade. See von neumann biography by my dad who survived being navigator allied bomber command burma, met neumann princeton 1951, was mentored in sharing with Economist journalists greatest scoop ever - whats to be done with 100 times more tech per decade?

While engineering freedoms slowly webbed the world out of Glasgow from 1760, they may have reached , a few places may have started enjoying XP10 with invention of elctricity - bern actually gave birth to ITelegraphU 1865; by 1900 cities like munich (einstein), budapest (Neumann) started accelerating XP. By the 1920s the ITU had been moved to geneva and called ITelecomsU.

We can say that each of web1,2,3 was planted out of Geneva;
berners Lee and Vint Cerf were in Geneva's CERN before launching web mainly out of MIT which had become neumann's main east coast AI lab in 1960 soon to be twinned with the pacific coast facing AI lab out of Stanford. The west coast did a better job of branding the celebration of 100 times "moore" tech from 1965 Moore's Law- from 1972 rebranding a whole valley from santa clara to stanford to san fran (to berkeley) as silcon valley. As the economist asked in 1982, why not silicon valley everywhere. Thats what web1 might have been if open education had been the soul of the machine berners lee had expected. That chance disappeared in usa as ads took over top website;s by 2003 geneva was beginning to celebrate web2- over 20 operational branches of the UN joined in annual world information society co-creative summits.Two things happened in 2015 nations declared they wanted to unite around 17 sustainability goals and a franciscan engineer Guterres was appointed to head UN . There is a library of how from 2016 he started asking for reports on what tech could so=do- geneva stepped in sharing first digital cooperation report with 30 national luminaries eg US Melinda Gates, and then launching year t=round summits and zooms of #AIforgood with the help of the biggest engineering xprize convenors. Soon operational branches of UN piloting AI projects catalogued at over 50. Guterres formed the UN Tech envoy office in Ny to edit the 21st C best last chances for there ever being a sustainability. The race is on for UN2Dao.com - almost all the advances for this begin and end with maps linked in bt=y Geneva's ITU. For the first time education 2022-23 has a year round prize valuing youth wizarding world www.metaverseprize.org 

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

east coast Collab Cafes

 started in 2008 in the bronx- post covid cafes started july 2022 arlington virgini - where in east coast can we help linkin next
- for complete list of collab cafes ask chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

international example - 16 trips to bangladehg resulted in 30 deepest collabs of womens development - see www.abedmooc.com - choose a collab you want to know more about on goals 1 to 5

examples of places we'd like to linkin -west coast la hosts of www.sdgmetaversprize.org

East coast

PA branches of ed3 https://www.ed3educators.org/

fort collins

avatar for Nina Bodenhamer

Nina Bodenhamer

City of Fort Collins
Director of City Give
Nina Bodenhamer serves as the inaugural Director of City Give, an “in house’ approach to municipal philanthropy that allows the City of Fort Collins to respond to strategic projects and community needs that fall outside the normal city budget priorities but are well-positioned for private funding

A career in philanthropic partnerships, informal community learning, and strategic engagement began at Sesame Workshop, New York, and continued with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. As an independent consultant, national clients have included Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), Scholastic Entertainment, and the George Lucas Educational Foundation. 

Prior to joining the City of Fort Collins, Nina worked for Colorado-based Bohemian Foundation launching Give 10, an initiative designed to inspire charitable connections, celebrate philanthropy and build a stronger community.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

University cities - gateway to the smartest tranbsfomration sustainable world will ever see?

 Fortunately there are 12+ city gateways to UN University its in the middle of 40+ UN agencies racing to understand how ai can empower sdgs  -   .

Extract from www.codesmeta.com

UN=United Nations---U University::DP Development Prog --ICEF Intl CHILDREN Emergency Fund --ESCO Education Science Culture Org --Women :: EP Environment Protection --WTO World Trade O::CTAD Conf Trafe&Dev --FPA Fund Population :Maternal/Reproductive--     HCR Hi Com Refugees Habitat -        DESA Economic&SocialFirst 40 UN agencies applying AI - nb dear readers: are your nation's gov agencies ahead or behind the world on sustainability actions as an educational right of younger half of the world and generation SDG?

W=World--Bank --FP Food Program --HO Health Org ==MO Meteorological O --IPO Intel Property O

I=International --TU TelecomsUnion -- LO Labor Office -- MF Monetary Fund --FAD Fund Agri Dev --MO Maritime Org --OM O Migration--AEA Atomic Energy A

OHCHR Human Rights:: FAO Food-Agri Org ::ITAR Train&Research:: IDO Indutrial Dev ECE EconomicComEurope --DPPA PoliticalPeacebuilding Aids Gpulse - RISD Research Social --l Dev OOSA Space  ODA/IDIR Disarmament ODC Drugs/Crime -- ICRI Interregional Justice 


UN University https://unu.edu/search/artificial and ...UN University - from page 190 of https://www.itu.int/dms_pub/itu-s/opb/gen/S-GEN-UNACT-2021-PDF-E.pdf

Project 2: Cholera Risk Mapping – An Outbreak Analysis Approach in Nigeria                                          Project 3: Enhancing Resilience to Flood Disasters in South Asia through the use of AI, Cloud Computing and Open Datasets 

Project 4: UNU-Macau Conversation Series Seminar • Project Description: UNU-Macau Conversation series seminar invited top researchers and thought leaders in Digital Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Modeling for Sustainability. The following seminar has been more specifically on AI: Dr. Christiine Boshuijzen-van Burken (UNSW) Multi-aspectual Ethics of Autonomous (weapons) Systems Dr. Omar Guerrero (Turing Institute), Modelling Sustainable Development from the Bottom Up: Coupling Open Data and Agent Computing to Inform Policy Prioritization Dr. Nils Ferrand: Codesigning and Politing Inclusive Participatory Procedures for Enacting the SDGs -                     Project 5: “Sustainable Decision-Making Tech” Research Team


Saturday, April 30, 2022

austin and new york


 John SOUnDTRACK/Ma-el - can we form a club of teachers who want AI to be the new literacy- ie who want permission to question how ai can help with every sdg agenda, with every artistic skill, with whatever is the most joyful skill teachers bring at each age  group. There are many routes towrads this. For example i can start to make some very simple slides on what david attenboroughs advice is on anything and check this with his anthropologist son who I briefly went to school with.. This week on pbs in summary attenborough  said food/agriculture is about 25% of emissions. 3 most important behavioral changes rich citizens can make : 1 dont waste food (up to half is wasted in cities); 2 dont create demand for food that is distributed by airplane; 3 start reducing consumption of red meat because those farm animals are huge methane emitters. John i think you made 2 films for john mackey. Is there a summary of what they said.? Do you know if his retirement this summer is 1 because he's unwell or 2 because he wants to get back to his life mission of food activism  and conscious capitalism. Given that he is Austin's most famous businessmen (alongside michael dell) I wonder what connections might be makeable with austin's interst in future of everything both the summits and www.uasutin.org which is organsing summer schools for graduates - whats never been taught before that their generation urgently needs to knowhow network?    .. john I dont know if your friend don beck influences any of austin's futurisers https://worldbusiness.org/fellows/don-beck-ph-d/ See footnote)  I am aware of 4 nations being in the lead of ai literacy in schools - the simplest example being singapore https://aisingapore.org/ (jeanne is there a person in your team who could keep us uptodate on your views of places in the lead on this )  the un is hosting 2 summits this year on education is not fit for purpose - while interesting they are not hosted by people who are also asking how does ai linkin with everything any child needs to grow up with (last week announcement of biden national ai panel again excluded teachers from being pivotal) - also both UN summits are being cooridnated by spanish speaking people - here is agenda of barcelona's in 3 weeks https://cdn.eventscase.com/www.whec2022.org/uploads/users/699058/uploads/537120cbb5f4e347454252ac59c5b21248d2e39dfe506ad4ae2bda86d925c5b3f9a7654d508498f97c2ca24855913889e5b4.62695bedaf224.pdf the other summit will be at the UNGA in september  -john can i arrange a meeting with eg you and jose (and maybe camilo of you think enginers in columbia u are interested) to see if you have a list of people we can interview on how they want education to change- footnote one reason I am weird is my first job in the uk national development project computer based learning at University of Leeds - i was responsible 1973=6 for teaching statistics to psychology students whenever our pdp11 computers broke down this led me to spending most of my life on decoding what nasty psychology is embedded in corporate branding and ad agency world (so chnaning mad avenue from ad agency to transmedia agency would be a joy if anyone sees that as doable)  I would agree with charles graves approach https://spiraldynamicsintegral.nl/en/origin/ -whilst I can see johns' friend don beck is a nice man frankly some of the people who certify spiral dynamics experts that i met in london are control freaks so understanding jeannes's school of psychology for humanity is a bonus for me

Thursday, April 21, 2022


- do you have any associates or alumni in Hong Kong - there are about 4 movements there that I believe can help younger half of the world remediate sanity .... I still havent found a euro city with as much collaborating entrepreneurs with unique tech relevant actions as hk (and of course the putin nightmare has thrown everything into chaos; if i had travel time I would probably keep searching geneva and or The Hague; where I know who I want to connect with but am missing a high level entry i suppose after sundays french election we will at least know what leaders Euro has); I am absolutely determined to map whos who in new york over next 16 months- guterres next 2 unga summits aim to change education and change all other youth future dynamics- do you have a connection number 1 in new york? I am interested in any place with enough connections - just mentioning the ones I happen to have some long run understanding of;  some updates at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/sustainability-2025-report-last-edition-chris-macrae-ma-damtp-cantab/  (I wish I had found a way to soros as dad and Economist's main inspirations were budapest's von neumann and much of soros interventions in the 1980s!)

Friday, April 1, 2022

global village collab networking New york new york

birth of NYCCAI.com  15 years ago we launched Collab Cafe New York - it was the second main city that we sampled 2000 yunus social business books an 10000 dvds mainly to under 30s who wanted to collaborate as first sd generation- when the rest of the world talks about major cities they mean at least 6 million people dependent on each others livelihoods (eg with an accountable mayor); and typically when a supercity is responsible for a continental nation(not an island) way north of 10 million peoples communities are interdependent such as seoul tokyo ...USA is an untypical nation - you could say new york is america's only supercity as just described and its also at unique future crossroads worldwide  benchmarking collabs relevant to the intersection of

 SDGs - sustainability due to hq of United Nations

 ESG financial world due to wall street

Education's futures; 

arts future -eg global broadway -  the later4 2 being youth's only chance of scaling sustainability generation

all of this needs back from the future mapping with  100 times more tech every decade -  my father met neumann 1951 Princeton (for our purposes influencing and influenced by NY)  www.nyccai.com  and was given the journalistic scoop of 100 times more

we started in the bronx where the un started because the university tv would interview us

here are our most productive spaces since

flatiron triangle - within 2 minutes walk of flatiron (one of ny's oldest skyscrapers and junctions ) you have the most conscious film studios in NY if not all of america- not related to our tour harry potter theme just opposite soundtrackNY- we have published a good and bad hubs guide since london opened some hubs in 2003 (partnering with huge open space summits called be the change- and the unfulfilled UK-G8 goal that 2005 would be year of make poverty history) after the debacle of impacthubs, 1776 and wework - there is a new breed of potentially deeply societal hubs try NeueHouse   (T)- 7 minutes walk from flatiron. As one example NH is US HQ for The Philanthropy Workshop-also see https://generalassemb.ly/ general academy - a benchmark institution for minimising how long you need to qualify for a tech skilled job - and really exciting when it teamed up to be new york main promoter of the la-mountain view xprize search in learning ( sadly the eventual winner didnt make much impact yet seen by me- please say if you have a more informed view)

also 130 5th ave liberty city ventures.com James Lang, Liberty City Ventures

James is a Managing Director at Liberty City Ventures in New York City. The firm led a major investment in Hong Kong-based Animoca Brands, a leading investor and creator of blockchain-based games and NFTs. Read more at CNBC. Liberty City Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on investing in companies building blockchain technology solutions and companies implementing blockchain technology. James has served as an operations executive of several of the venture firm's portfolio companies including OTC Trading, a bitcoin exchange in the U.S

japan society connections- this is one block from the UN -since the only nationals who remember interdependence my father and jfk celebrated from 1962 is japan - i find it easy to meet sdg conscious people in japan embassy than the un compound but of course if you have an invite to speak inside the sacred space and want to collaborate please say- the vanderbilt ymca is optimal if you have a heavy meeting diary here- this region includes university branch of hong kongs biggest philanthropist li ka shing (and practically speaking this village region also contains HQ of us largest philanthropist george soros open society university networking /foundation - as well as other foundations eg Rockefeller, Ford ...)   when it comes to that rare animal the us bottom-up foundation we are so grateful historically to www.thp.org ; although founded to end hunger it was probably the first american network to clarify (and relentlessly design its processes) to celebrating female village empowerment as integral to asia rising out of extreme poverty/hunger

we are huge fans of an associated virtual hub https://virt.com/search/?term=brooklyn&when=past this example shows events brooklyn has contributed to UN dialogues on making 2015-2030 the period when the younger half of the world become sustainable - historically 2 accidental drawbacks of the UN are that relatively speaking it fails to share global human solutions with communities inside america and nsiders particularly national bureucrats become inbred in trying to find solutions the whole world needs to co-create - virt helps makes the UN (all the urgent collaboration challenges of sustainability accessigbe especially tpo youyth and teachers). we welcome nominations of other resources like virt  

brooklyn youth (of every rainbow color) but sadly not yet any of their academic masters have always open spaced with us on deepest community challenges ask chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk for latest submap if that interests you; rhe only all black america city summit we have felt welcome in is the annual wall street-rainbow summit of jesse jackson- I dont know all tge ins and outs of JJ but he ia fearless interviewed of ceos- the time I attended the summit at the times 

Square sheraton top brass at cvs were saying we have a new vision of how every community depends on our location and part of our commitment to health is to stop selling cigarettes; jackson laid into cvs - havnt you been a major destination for the opioid mob

here is a list of other places we'd love to linkin - many have played musical chairs since covid - so we dont yet have maps of whether they are in same village

brac hq usa (and any residual connection fromn its 2007 founding with columbia u and soros foundations




hq schwarzman scholars - other ways graduates can interact with turning ESG from greenwashing to sustainability investment

music specials timms lincoln center with julliard and singforhope.org; 92y - musicforsdfs.com recently moved from nippon life in wall street to london;

acumen which used to share a building with google NY (not checked if it still does on the west side

new york has some of the nations lead examples of dual language schools - their secret is 2 different cultures have had to fight standard curriculum gov for so long to start up the dl school that the whole community of parents, teachers and kids links in as one - heroic ; as one of us's first regions to promise right to schooling from 3 up - searching out best playschool examples in ny is relevant - as is the fact that un education envoy gordon brown occasionally turns up at NYU when in town and the journal of education in crisis /refugee locations is fine and should be closely linked to bracusa, lego, yidan prize whech is how abedmooc 4.5 rolls

come back or chat with me -after about 50 lunchclub interviews new y0orkers hacve started to show me some inside tips

watch out fopr the muesumm of new york - ity has [promised to help co-host tokyo mayot koike sister city tour with new york which has proclaimed first climate and sdg priority after covid

you can also help us improve our linked intercity maps