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Monday, February 27, 2023

cooperation world hero(in)es under 30s futures -72nd annual survey

ED: 72nd year of survey with von neumann : results just in - welcome your feed-forward who should we be searching next year -this update 1 march 2023


1 fei-fei li alumni ; overall if artificial intel is to save human intel

-see also unwomens linkedin survey top 50 turning ponts since world war 2 for better or worse what have we missed chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk Glasgow NY and Wash DC whatsapp global broadway

 2 nexteinstein.org alumni for under 30s to have a future we invite your vote for most cooperative people changing; Declan Kirane about 3 science summits a year

CHANGING 78th annual survey began with The Economist brand purpose valuation &  media including designing metaverse - vote  sdgmetaverseprize.org

3 changing public service - amandeep gill with antonio guterres

allcomers entrepreneurial revolution celebration -designing world where each next child born has change of great life - rop 30 cooeprations designed by fazle abed and 1 billion girls.com

===============================calendar of events we are tracking - again please tell us others provided free to access resulting actions

march new york sdgoal 6 UN HQ NY inspiration singapore www.worldtoilet.org and www.bophub.org

-who do you vote for as overall cooperation gravity of sdgs 1-17 we've always been most interested in goal 4 - how time of both under 30s and over 30s is spent multiplying community knowhow - do you know a better 6000 person network than ed3dao.com (hq ny and metaverse)

at hot spot between education and codung moringa school kenya is world class and audrey cheng suermember of her generation as is nigeria's ola brown - nobody we'd rather build a health service with

june 2023 Glasgow university 265th maoral sentiments summit  (also celebrating my dad - would have been centenary of norman as japan emperors winner of order rising sun gold bars and silk ribbon - kc3.dev's commander of british empire

work in progress this year 2025 report final edition - first issued 1984 to celebrate the coming of personal computing web1, mobile web2 amd final expoential destiny of 2020s web3 when all future human orbits towards extinction or survival will have been lockedin (see keynes, einstein for stochatsic likelihoods) on how we blended intels or artificials almost unlimited from every gps oddly distributed with 8 billion humans (from sad russian peoples to who do you see as world's happiest and ccoperative peoples - helps us explore livesmatter.city as well as vilages of 1billiongirls.com

Thursday, February 23, 2023

can we start a whatsapp on livesmatter turkey

here i start a linked in conversation to find out whether a quorum may be possible.... I would welome advice if you think i could have started this survey in a smarter way

chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk unsummitfuture.com writes - co-convenor glasgiw 265th moral sentiments summit june 2023

hi Fxx - to all, Fxx and I are both vets of www.lunchclub.com i we have each participated in over 100 one to one zooms of 1 hour duration- fxx particularly on fintech (i believe his familuy chose to locate in turkey during covid while he also took a swiss mba course having relocated just in time from new zealan- a global exploration of titanic props - me at luchclub on any education reolvultin meeded to build any  communitytech that the younger half of world need combinations of un 17 sdgs  to map- please say if you use lunchclub- unlike linkedin lunchclub blocks sharing of who interviewed who - i have no idea how many of my 100 imterview and Fxx overlap in potential win-wins- during covid lunchclub was a game worthy of 100 hours of inputs- right now I am less sure- apart from linkedin does anyone have a fav space to spend 100 hours plus in?

to try to respond to firzuz main question: level 1 just introducing you - i think you all know a lot about turkey - a country in middle of a lot at the moment; there is no point me pontificating on turkey's future the way i have helped hosted since 1984 www.2025report.com and www.livesmatter.city  - i believe place brands need to be led by communities (see best ever women empowerment mapping at http://www.abedmooc.com ) more than top down whether your gov system is soi-called democrati or other

I livein  washington dc the amount of ignorant pontification is literally terrifying- of course if there is someone you trusty most in dc would be interested to zoom with them to learn if there is any reconcilation possible- we have a group of maths peopel who only know maths not politics - they help me believe we can orbit out of extinction if millennials unite to do this (i a snese tidays global war is between investment old pensuoers have made and the younger half of the world - this war has multiple fronts incluing climates plagues as well as armed conflicts and bad mba curricula)

after 9/11 i joined an austrialin medic's (monash uni) worldwide network (arguably the last web1 network of any true cvlue)  - hosted by global reconcilation was opportunity to  listen70 countries views of histioical conflicts as well as what to urgently mend next- grn hosted in delhi 2004 was spectacular with over 1000 people listening mainly gandhians but of every different faith india mixes; it was help at indira gandhi cultural centre- charmingly in 2004 tjhs was both 5 minutes walk from parliament and our accomodation delhi ymca! perhaps only india od early 2000s could spiirit 72 hours of such kindness- not one nisy activist intervention - quoet reflective intel on what a mess the new millennoum was spinning even though as ordinary human beings not one of us voted fir such a mess 

now 21 yeras on we seem less free as ordinary people to turn up and listen at such transcultyral town haplls -or perhaps the meta verse can chnage space for every nediation's last chnace to care for each other across mother earth-that will take deep data mapping of a sort not practised in any top western uiversity

- this bothers me as a statistician who has studied cultures all my working life and historicalkly tried to get global brand leading boards to include such info in their design of loval and global; i worked for all 3 of the west's largest ad agencies around 1999 only to find that each was making b=iggest profits by helpoing clients compound risks`

level 2 while i have data on 18 asian countries i have worked in since 1982 often with unilever turkey isnt one of them - I like to map borderless shipping across coastines and can see that turkey is stick between europe asia russia and potentially what usa commands next - i have visited bangladesh 16 times to try and understand how hard womens development is when a country has underdeveloped ports and coastal neighbors full of cultural hatred however accidntally history may have embedded this

so here to listen if there are any ideas on how under 35s can friend future of turkey or welcome you discussing things without me if you see like minded humans!! i have researched with dad what von neumann http://neumann.ning.com www.economistdiary.com  hoped we'd do with tech back to 1951- we are not humanising tech out of every community in the way he would have hoped; my best chance of mediating what those who invented the last 75 years of tech hoed we'd mao is with various meetings I host in new yrk- so if anyone has a ny friend to intro me to please do- about 15 people i trust most planted this un framework in 2016 when they cncluded the sdgs as a shopping list of 17 were not actionable - if anyone wants to zoom or chat about this franework at any time please do - i host quite a lot of whatsapp at +2 240 316 8157 - the next deep data debate across new york is water /sanitaion - i know the most connected entrepreneur with solutions on this https://www.unwater.org/news/un-2023-water-conference i believe diruz and i share interest in decentralised finanance - i would likie to see a dao blockchain - community treasury goal by gaol - but recently crypto has been so messed up by a few bad actors that i would like to understand how communities can do defi but without crypto; at one time i had though middle east binance would preserve good crypto for your region but i note usa is closing that down if abyine has a fav uae country in spite of mixed issues regarding eg women please tell me; in a world that seems to me to have lost sense at the top of most nations I am justr a daispora scot trying to undersdtand which nations under 35s should make borserless friends with

Monday, February 20, 2023

Until web1 1990 most cooperative spaces for citizens to trade way above zero sum

2023 10 mosrt cooperative cities with millennaisl as forst sd gen

ny geneva  singapore hk ireland glasgow cantab(royal triad queenofhearts.city ) japan mongolia rome 

================ the future unmapped fro the past as ai's beam up/down life critical apps/maps through every gps

from 1865 swiss corridor itu first corporatione cooperating around world standard updates - schooled goats of maths extend from budapest to munich- einsteuin hosted transnational intel cooperation

fleeing to princeton neumann  einstein and other maths goats next 4 cooperation corridors

princeton north eg ibm un yale mit where moon landing coded and neumann ai lab founded

pribceton soith space energy - neumann nored great care needed here - sciemtists of these would be become peoples most hatec and nations most wanter - einstein's last connections gandhi and a black college in phili- neumann lasteer longer asking economist to be surveyor of what goods can peoples unite wherever their communities have first access to 100 times more tech per decade

2nd neumann ai lab stanford soon moores law silicon valley reuniting san francisco opera house where un was born - stanford was in trust to evey child of califrnia; it got twinned by u of cal bekeley either side of san fran

tokyo castal corridor - see jfk's approval of this 1962 -apart from bill carter jfy seems only president caring to issue youtg decade long challenges - rge reace to satellite alumni and interdepence maps of worldwide devloment being his most exciting two

stuff went weongfrom 1963 with assainations, exponential eise of cold war through which us ab russia installed dictators in almost all dev countries; cia creating drug trade across america's latin border; america's first failed war vietnam; nixon starting precedent of liars, official secrets, and taking dollae off gold stand- meanwhile rest of the world raised expectations for humanity - if moon laning possible soon no challenge will be too big for eart to resolve- this became the tele era's biggest lie; there was probably only one new corridor 1972 bangladesh with help from the 3 eoyals that had most conqered asian coastline started up 1 billion girls top 30 cooperations for human dec 2019-1970

in between 1990 and 2019 we have web1 and web2 - so far both have multiplied ever more zero-sum instead of aboce zero s=um games

sadly 2000 milennoum goals process vey week in mediation versus our 1984 recomendation 2025report- they did noting to precent web2 become the big corporate data seizure era so the 2020s leaves all to play for if under 30s are to have media that can put communities at every gps back orbiting all relevant combos of the 17 sdgs

for the school year 23-24 top 10 hopes go with ny geneva ireland glasgow cantab singapore hong kong royal tripley japan-uk-netherlands undercover (mainly asian copperation) stanford/silicon valley rome (even if frabcis support since 2015 at un seemed extremely unwelcome by everyone except guterres and the 2 koreans ban ki-moon and jim kim

new york geneva - un tech envot egov ranking bencchmarks for transformaing any level of gov from transational to local; youth un summit 2024 - ny also has the tandon triad of engineers celebrating womenking ny-shaghai-abu dhabi

schwarzman rhodes triad oxfird mit tsinghua

glasgow continues to interrof=gate all uk university cities with adam smiths questions - 265th moral sentimenst of students and tecahers june 2023

oxfirds vc has moved to head carnegie

nyu may now have the first black female vc of a big capital uni

the 3 greatest youth networkers of un tech envoy are linkedin by singapore ireland hk

shoutpit to mongolia the shootin g start of embassies to Un in 2022

official support for tech envoy also cpomes from unu sponsors of au - japan naixus slovenia ircai xprize sigood geneva and sdgmetaverseprize.otg los angeles

as well as tech envot framework 1 billion girls linked by fazle abed started

uniting 40 most cooperative uni of female systrainability graduates

unitin 23 billion rural people smart climate adaptation exchnages 

connecting networks of luminaries - educatir can chnage education on their own - which other extpert skilsd can help identify missing curricula- how can both lead students and teachers be taught in under 90 days to start building missing curricula - eg lancet's peer to peer pre teen health  particularly goirls once promised as michelle obamas mission in life but not yet with any reality of conectiosnround her - more hopeful are mrs jobs mrs gates mrs bezos and mrs rowlings - watc out for whether they value daos coming to education - as well as to any last mile service training

so sorry to see dhaka fall out of top 10 list for first time isince 1972- of course your women build rural nations cooperations remain wuth us all but abed never wanted his family to take over the university see abedmooc.com and yunusmooc.com on how dhaka and bamgladesh women did the deepest work of sdg generation for so long - rip sir fazle 20 dec 2019 - if un mobilises girls to sustain humanity your knowho will always be blending artificial and hyman intels deeply as your mol of 10000 by 10000 united metavilages first mapped 1972 - see also quiet revolution matha chen