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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

east coast Collab Cafes

 started in 2008 in the bronx- post covid cafes started july 2022 arlington virgini - where in east coast can we help linkin next
- for complete list of collab cafes ask chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

international example - 16 trips to bangladehg resulted in 30 deepest collabs of womens development - see www.abedmooc.com - choose a collab you want to know more about on goals 1 to 5

examples of places we'd like to linkin -west coast la hosts of www.sdgmetaversprize.org

East coast

PA branches of ed3 https://www.ed3educators.org/

fort collins

avatar for Nina Bodenhamer

Nina Bodenhamer

City of Fort Collins
Director of City Give
Nina Bodenhamer serves as the inaugural Director of City Give, an “in house’ approach to municipal philanthropy that allows the City of Fort Collins to respond to strategic projects and community needs that fall outside the normal city budget priorities but are well-positioned for private funding

A career in philanthropic partnerships, informal community learning, and strategic engagement began at Sesame Workshop, New York, and continued with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. As an independent consultant, national clients have included Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), Scholastic Entertainment, and the George Lucas Educational Foundation. 

Prior to joining the City of Fort Collins, Nina worked for Colorado-based Bohemian Foundation launching Give 10, an initiative designed to inspire charitable connections, celebrate philanthropy and build a stronger community.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

University cities - gateway to the smartest tranbsfomration sustainable world will ever see?

 Fortunately there are 12+ city gateways to UN University its in the middle of 40+ UN agencies racing to understand how ai can empower sdgs  -   .

Extract from www.codesmeta.com

UN=United Nations---U University::DP Development Prog --ICEF Intl CHILDREN Emergency Fund --ESCO Education Science Culture Org --Women :: EP Environment Protection --WTO World Trade O::CTAD Conf Trafe&Dev --FPA Fund Population :Maternal/Reproductive--     HCR Hi Com Refugees Habitat -        DESA Economic&SocialFirst 40 UN agencies applying AI - nb dear readers: are your nation's gov agencies ahead or behind the world on sustainability actions as an educational right of younger half of the world and generation SDG?

W=World--Bank --FP Food Program --HO Health Org ==MO Meteorological O --IPO Intel Property O

I=International --TU TelecomsUnion -- LO Labor Office -- MF Monetary Fund --FAD Fund Agri Dev --MO Maritime Org --OM O Migration--AEA Atomic Energy A

OHCHR Human Rights:: FAO Food-Agri Org ::ITAR Train&Research:: IDO Indutrial Dev ECE EconomicComEurope --DPPA PoliticalPeacebuilding Aids Gpulse - RISD Research Social --l Dev OOSA Space  ODA/IDIR Disarmament ODC Drugs/Crime -- ICRI Interregional Justice 


UN University https://unu.edu/search/artificial and ...UN University - from page 190 of https://www.itu.int/dms_pub/itu-s/opb/gen/S-GEN-UNACT-2021-PDF-E.pdf

Project 2: Cholera Risk Mapping – An Outbreak Analysis Approach in Nigeria                                          Project 3: Enhancing Resilience to Flood Disasters in South Asia through the use of AI, Cloud Computing and Open Datasets 

Project 4: UNU-Macau Conversation Series Seminar • Project Description: UNU-Macau Conversation series seminar invited top researchers and thought leaders in Digital Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Modeling for Sustainability. The following seminar has been more specifically on AI: Dr. Christiine Boshuijzen-van Burken (UNSW) Multi-aspectual Ethics of Autonomous (weapons) Systems Dr. Omar Guerrero (Turing Institute), Modelling Sustainable Development from the Bottom Up: Coupling Open Data and Agent Computing to Inform Policy Prioritization Dr. Nils Ferrand: Codesigning and Politing Inclusive Participatory Procedures for Enacting the SDGs -                     Project 5: “Sustainable Decision-Making Tech” Research Team