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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

geneva vienna hague

we'd love to hear from people who study how Antonio Guterres maps his time and purposes of different offices:(i dont ex[ect in my lifetime to see 10 year of un leadership by someone who has led a nation (portugal); spent nearly 15 years serving refugees in localities of teh world facing the greatest chalenges due to war or climate; whose faith matches pope francis of servant leadership (franciscans are the servant network of all the west's golden rule religions); if anyone of the 50 most powerful people in the wporld values younger half of world' as first sustainability generation they must transparently value linkin around guterres (as far as we can see rsvp or questions chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk)

what collaborations does Guterres see  leaders action networking round what trillion dollar purpose goals?:

sustainability goals -which leaders help him advocate this where -sdg advocates (17 eminent world figures give balance across hemispheres) - special envoys -digital/real financial inclusion queen maxima netherlands, education gordon brown, vaccination gordon brown (who else)

fintech and ESG  and AI un2.0 and digital cooperation focus on fintech and artificial intel (see geneva)

edtech healthtech foodtech greentech :TeachforSDGs.com PovertyUni.com Economistwomen.com Economisthealth.com Economistgteen.com

youth collaboration and education (I find it muddling that un service of youth UNICEF is led out of new york , of education (unesco) and labour-skills (oecd) - paris -in any event in dec 2021 unesco finally issued a report- education no longer serves systematically what youth need to be sustainable...reimagining our futures together-  a social contract for education ; arguably this is first report on how worldwide broken education is since my father's in 1986 at The Economist which followed up our 1984 book : 2025 report (10 systems transformations needed for human-tech sustainability by 2025 of which education finance health must be integral with overarching purpose of ending poverty so that wherever next girl is born community giver her fair chance at life matters)

Compare worldwide roles (rig particularly Geneva Europe) with HQ NY through the 10 year coordination of guterres (the maximum for un leadership takes him to 2025, that's two thirds of the 15 years that the world's mations promised youth to return sustainability through)

new york (well technically the UN as independent space) -where the worlds politics and potential war/peace gets mediated; once a year at general assmeble where ideas on advancing humanity get published; guterres started months after the 17 sustainability development goals were launched; its fascinating to look at each year 

15-16 seemed really exiting unga and g20 ( next 4 year of the 15 to prevent extinction got conflicted by trump (I am not talking about his politica but he had no interest in youth's sustainability anywhere), then covid ended much of the real process of the UNGA - so the hope is we humans can leap forward again : thus 21-22, 22-23 can be guterres most important UNGA -see summitfuture.com (as well as 40 years of famjly diaries (inspired by adam smith since 1758 and von neumann since 1951) on human and tech progress started 1984 at 2025report.com, and updating at womensverse )

Asia (complicated u8nderstanding where un offices are given nearly two thirds of people are asian)

africa where historically kenya has been a head office of unhabitat ( Ethiopia had hq of african union - presumably a pivotal continental partmner in sdgs) - we find the coastal belts of africa very complex (both offereing different opportunities and risks - west, south, east, and suez facing (and also wonder how landlocked countries choose a long-term coastal partner)  


..........-representation of nearly 200 nations is complex at the best of times

and as for end of world war 2, when the un was founded 1945 at san francisco opera house - funds came mainly from the white empires. These were the peoples whose application of engines (begun by Glasgow's Smith & Watt 1760s)  had shipped unevenly geographically to be the root cause of world wars (by the start of the 20th C old europe's divisions needed to be saved by new america -twice!). In this right old mess of part 1 of 20th C, Switzerland had achieved a sort of neutrality making geneva the obvious first european space for UN complementing new york's world hq: in search of peace

3 quirks of world history/humanity are worth remembering before we rush into the second half of the 20th C:
Roughly speaking the world's skin colour are 1/6 white, 1/6th blank; two thirds asia
The scots who gave the world its first engine types were already half a century into Colonisation by London (soon to be thinning). Adam Smith can be read as saying that instead of Aemerica decelaring independence , he had hoped an united states of english speaking application of engines would take over Britain - hos one advice to engine inventors immi8grate to places that value all lives matter
When new engines were launched out of America in the 1950s (the legacy of the world's greatest mathematicians - Neumann , Einstein and peers) their innovation network was also led byimmigrants hoping America would free the world. And up to the assassination of JF Kennedy, hopes that new engines would celebrate worldwide interdependence looked quite rosy - see teachforsdgs.com 

Lets now fast forward to 21sr C :  geneva does now connect so much of UN's action networking,health, trade. peace, coms...: even as new york mediates the pow wows of nations' most powerful politicians -

Specifically out of Geneva, those who own worlds telecoms meet to futurise standards and digital societal futures- see now  how to zoom future of all tech through esg & #aiforgood- particularly how does ai impact operations health "WHO". . Indeed, Geneva is now where  most operational unit discuss how tech can help them -world food program recent won nobel peace prize for AI improving logistics of  its last mile maps)...
vienna has also become a second satellite to geneva human rights OHCR -michelle bachelet (previously chile's president:  vienna orbits linked informally by previous un head ban ki-moon as well as formally on such functions as UN in Space )

Additional notes: although netherlands isnt an official UN office HQ- there is a galaxy of solutions linked to how billion women sustained communities (poverty alleviation out of asian villages since 1970): see brac international (shameran abed son of founder Fazle Abed) at The Hague ; royal special envoys The Hague; global climate adaptation rotterdam ...

3 cities that guide so much of what future is possible - out of the continent where white empires Less than one sixth of the human race's ethnicity) took us   EconomistDiary.com  down the roads to last exits before extinction eg 2021 ecop26.com through to 2023  UNsummitfuture.com to 1984 timelines 2025report.com in association with biography of john von neumann whose legacy from 1957 was 100 times more tech pee decade - what some call industrial revolutions 3,4 in contrast to 1760-1945 industrial revolutions 1,2 - see also futureoflife.org part sponsored by elon musk who has done his paper in changing cars beyond carbon gas, seeing space as a second opportunity if humans blow up earth, making his first 100 million dollars to fund these two future by co-founding paypal one of the few fintech tools the west invented for everyone not just rich get richer-anyway imagine if we could find 20 elon musks- maybe extinction would be off the table; 

geneva has so many of the tech's biggest moving parts of un with the itu hosting aiforgood; unctad asking whether trade is mapped to sustain all people (of course wto is there for arbitrations between big players but unctad is about all we entrepreneurial communities of people can shape fututr of tarde from;) then of course the (WHO) world health organisation with the red cross ( my understanding that the red cross was born in switzerland though clare barton twinned washington DC's us version soon thereafter) - see barton OR nightingale at world record jobs

also swiss universities are helping refugees and others get 1 year certificates where old university monopoly charges 4 years out of a peoples lifetime - this is fast moving news - rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk see also abedmooc 5.4 4.4  -also chile's former president michel bachelet is now high commisioner https://www.ohchr.org/EN/Aboutus/Pages/HighCommissioner.aspx

vienna is where ban ki moon now hubs 2 networks on climate adaptability (co-launched by hague) and rights- wienna has long been un's second eurocity after geneva

the hague is brac international headquarters - also mazing royal family with queen maximus un envoy for fintech and princess laurentien unesco advocate for literacy - its now possible to help any illiterate person become literate in 30 hours (but this does need spreading eg daily over 90 by twenty minute sessions- want to know where to see 30 hour literacy rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk


here are a few more maps to "exploring" where sdgs connect with world record jobs creators or leaderships summits "zoom me up scotty - since covid has clarified that we have the etch to share worlds leaders meetups on preventing extinction - so why 33 years since tim berners lee webbed us have 8 billion people been so slow to celebrate teachers and students learning what's most needed by and for generation sustainability; and why would we want the younger half of the world brains to shape artificial intel instead of what big business and big gov so often orders the other way round?