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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dear Antonio Natasa/Bernardo  cc friends

If you want me to do one thing I can fast action on my own then look at this blog of 2015rome- tell me what to edit or join in editing it- 

then ask the cardinal's envoy to write on their letter head something like
To Catholic University DC
Please invite chris macrae (data collector of 2015 rome) meet you at your DC campus. he can review some of 2015 Rome's  most joyful youth invitations with you and diary of related events in USA - particularly regarding how to join in preferential options for the poor eg partners in health social movement  (Jim Kim and Pope Francis Oct 28, 2013 - ROME) ;  if you decide that you wish to join in being a lead group of catholic universities sharing some of the Pope's dialogues (eg 24 September US Congress) with teachers and students then you can contact - give name in Rome eg Don Lima and phone number

(If Popes education team ever want a scottish university's alumni/students to study with them then scotland's number 1 university is currently run by an italian and as adam smith scholars who can make the case for preferential option for the poor being pivotal to the original economics of adam smith all the way up to keynes. This university was also the alma mater of sir fazle abed Creating opportunity for the world’s poor | BRAC-Creating opportunity for the world’s poor  who has designed more womens preferential options for the poor than anyone alive that I can search - its the largest ngo because its the most collaborative in ending poverty and has the post-digital world poor's only total banking system (village, city and cashless)  ironically yunus talked about banking for the next billion with technology but sir fazle hi-trust partnering since 1996 went ahead and did it-so eg soros has tested bot what happens wen e invests in yunus and abed in post digital world

and sir fazle is asia's way in to farmer, kim and soros alumni networks) and as I described to you fashion4developments too

I will urgently try to meet Ana and Luis of www.ticamericas.org  and YABT (i gave Antonio copy of TicAmericas brochure- next continent wide celebration of youth social solutions panama april 2015) and see if they can phone antonio to understand what is their most useful connection wit Rome and EMS global

I will talk to Naila- what I need to find out is in next 2 months is she doing any live projects with Americas (additional to Ana'a and Luis but way beyond my level of understanding) or is she focusing on Africa starting with Rachel Ruto projects- antonio.natasa if you can directly send naila mail summarising ruto project antonio's italy-kenya investment fund has done - eg the nuns nurses networks in kenya that would be best to fast forward you direct with her

; also is the Yazmi 5 billion person elearning satellite already starting on a curricula her first ladies networks or athgo/rwanda believes in and how soon if at all will links be made with preferential curricula of health for poor and end ebola training

A) Nobel Peace laureate Summit - should also connect with Rome 2024 Olympics bid and cross-cultural tourisim now you have a second colliseum!  the nobel summit group link about 5 other ways in addition to overall celebrating rome as epicentre of youth sustainability- with gorbachev. walesa they link through to soros and therefore regional issues of most interest to Natasa and Serbia; what tey need most of all is connection wit ted turner family so he and they can join in all un partners futures and not just leave that to yunus bowling alone; they are also supposed to be joined at hip wit green club of rome- if they are I can link them in to other green clubs including prince charles operated by a family friend- daughter of the uk sainsbury supermarket dynasty and shareholders of The Economist

b) IFAD (Rome's UN wing) to see if IFAD sees itself in lead group of UN foundations that turner family can celebrate the way they can fasion4development and ITU - IFAD is also linked with our friends at Intel. I would think that if IFAD wants to be top pro-youth/womens UN networks they need to quickly understand how their work connects wit jim kim and bonos agricultrural celebrations. I dont know how that conversation in rome and dc and irish catholics works exactly but it can be helped if nobel rome and olympics rome get on with each other; also that would open door to speaking to russian american networks of monica yunus  Home and the madison avenue agencies I ave got to adopt er pro bono

If there's something that needs another visit to Rome on Friday is very much my best day because cheap weekend flight and my  12th grade daughters main homework challenges are first 3 days of week

To understand what format  (5 minute audio and blackboard) really works on elearning look first at https://www.khanacademy.org/science/health-and-medicine

However the world bank and italian coursera partners start here