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Monday, December 14, 2020

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

 3 cheers for singapore selected as hub for next world economic forum may 2021 - some questions on preparations ,, can singapore continue its world lead of blended summits? can singapore be lead partner of new universities and digital gov by and for the peoples?  does sustainability of economics exist separately anymore from blending human and artificial intel- i think its the case that weforum's board director of ai is based in san francisco one of global singapore's bases? what if it turns out that singapore is the world's crossroads for industrial revolution 4 as well as the most future-joyful sea port and airport 6 million people have ever connected with sustainable worldwide trades and love of cultural diversity? can diaspora scots be of any assistance in continuing post covid and new climate celebrations on the road to nov cop26 glasgow and 260th review of machine/human era started up by glasgow univerity's james watt and adam smith chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk www.economistasia.net www.livesmatter.city www.2025report.com - back in 2011 my number 1 hero the late great www.fazleabed.com started debating with pan asian ambassadors why sdgs and womens empowerment would depend on new university coalitions and nominated singapore as the world's benchmark for universities of the sdg generation; at about the same time qatar nominated sir fazle as their inaugural world education laureate

Monday, December 7, 2020

 coming up 60th year of  world citizen celebrations with japan

also just published 5th nye-armitage report on us-japan's 21st century

japan to publish norman macrae biography of john von neumann in 2021 - his immediate legacy in 1957 - moon races, arificial intelligence labs on both pacific and atlantic coasts, conflict mapping of three sources of energy- green. nuclear, carbon, debates on whether economists have the maps and maths to value win-win trade, with yale the future of emotionally intel brain science aka humans AI


WITH BRAC FRIENDS OF OPENSOCIETYUNIVERSITYNETWORK billion dollar grants call launched by george soros at last pre-covid weforum davos 2029

including students in budapest/vienna,  dhaka, new york state, aeizona state, london ...