Good news : please Help map 1 .. 1.1...2. 2.1. 3.. 4 .. 5 ...6 what 30000 people zoom-celebrated HK startups July 2020future 8 billion peoples want to value2020 top alumni group Fazle Abed- search your top WRJ if not found rsvp who are top job creating economists by practice - health -refugee sports green hong kong..where are top tour guides around billionaire 1 2 around poverty,,, we the peoples ...
DUBAI + 2021 Entrepreneurial Revolutions top 12 countdown
1 singapore
2 glasgow reframing 26the decade of machines & humans started by glasgow u's james watt & adam smith cop26 november with italy &.
3abc hong kong fintech
4abc seoul and busan
5abc Vienna geneva & Hague
6abc ny state community corridors
7abc nordica
8abc haidian-beijing youth
9abc barcelona
10 abc uae
11 abc boston & stanford
12 abc tokyo
ER begun 1976 The Economist 1 2
OUTOFBELTWAY.COM lives matter-can human-tech leap over value chains of shelf -safety*health*education*loveq*finance
latest heroic city medellin .what happened to humans in last 75 years
Questions about 45th annually top 10 entrepreneurial revolution spaces-Why is hong kong top? First the virus has caused a general post- places where people havent em;powered schools to practice humanity online are finding out how dismally unsustainable drowning in fake media can be- why has dhaka fallen out? how did new york state (outofwallstreet) make a comeback after 12 subprimed years? how did vienna leap ahead of geneva?...why do we still value uae-jordan? will adam smith's LOG make a comeback in time for the sustainability generation to be reality? how did new zealand make a comeback for first time in 15 years? why no west coast entries? why no african entry : it breaks our heart that kenya fell out and the good news is there are small countries now leaping ahead but it doesnt do them any favor to headline them until africa more coopreread the economist 1976 survey on entrepreneurial revolution- searching for an alternative to west's big 3 of corop-gov-foundation so that small start up leapfroging could match reality that 90% of innovations improving human lot were incubated msall and relemteslly over time not by 90 day profit if you cant exponentially see that a business model devoid of goodwill multiplying stakeholder energies is the least sustainable org design in the world then quite frankly you should not be let near big data on any of the tech that according to moore's law singularity now offer trillion times more analytic capability than available to the female team at mit that coded moon landing
black lives brooklyn; asian lives hk; austrian lives vienna; scottish lives glasgow; romance/conscious lives barcelona, rome, paris, digital connection lives NZ- rsvp if your young citizens lives matter
dhaka and rome and glasgow where love is all we need to end virus and other risks to every community's health and trade

welcome optimistic mapping - thanks to 1760 maps of 2 glasgow university men engineer Watt and market ethics system designer Smith

ideologies that seem to confine 1.5 billion people to be more than 3 times poorer than americans make no sense -why not celebrate every way chinese - diaspora as well as mainlanders- unites sdg- generations goals- china number 1 country to help small enterprise Soc5 and IR4 with - see why at; america always be 21st C friend- how else can we celebrate the best of english and coding languages with youth www or text washington dc (+1) 240 316 8157
help benchmark top 20 AI-5G supercity billionaires:


Monday, January 11, 2021 - am i alone in being terrified by the maths of religions - conter-study thks to romes premiosciacca

2015 was a very lonely year - so many huge pr platforms were launched around the sdgs but the only doers summit diaspora scot me was honored to attend at vatican university- i wish everyone could experience such a communal blessing before they are responsible for any global decision which increasingly tech is randomly distributing as both an honor and a curse depending who's leading your nation

AFORE YE GO -to power over or empower?

 if you look back through western history men have used high priests to dictate extraordinary misery- how does something which promises so much good as a golden rule religion end up spinning wars of the world? i dont know how to answer that question on mass media in front of a 4 year old supreme being like trump ;  I FIND IT DESPERATELY SAD THAT MEDIA OWNERS LIKE TWITTER AND FACEBOOK TAKE 1450 DAYS TO SUSPEND TRUMPISTS - i don't believe either network has lived up to the reality of free speech nor do i feel any love for nbc for having promoted trump as the world's apprentice at such a crucial time of the 21st c coming of age -see our 1984 countdown as why trust not trump was what the millennial generation needed to be celebrated for civically engaging in www

 i do value grounding a  loving movement  franciscans sprung on the jesuit branch of catholicism - quite simply st francis demanded any male networking alumni value green wherever they linked in the world and any female follower- THECLARES - networked last mile health


and nearly half a millennium after st francis, the scottish kirk applied to free an alternative english-speaking community celebration from the then empire religion of the church of england - a time for enlightening possibilities that adam smith diarised in two brilliant halves - morals needed in communities before the age of machines, leadership of livesmatter nation as humans navigated both the independence of new worlds and the humanising of machines- 

fast forward 260 years from glasgow university birthing of the age of man and machines, never in the field of human endeavour have rome and glasgow fielded a summit like cop26 nov 2021 

post-covid, post-trump towards green, towards celebrating every last mile servant and civically engaged youth education movement

- hope to see all mathematicians and humanisers of youth intel as sd generation


ps individual transparency charter

transparency note - known parts of my family tree

male side 5g ago pastor scottisk kirk for the isle of aram- a feery ride from glasgow

4g ago pastor for wood green por notrth london

3g ago studying to postgraduate divinity thesis at heidelberg when world war 1 broke- as a brit speaking german was rare resource converted to serving as british spy; instead of returing to church continued in british embassies especially those collecting intel on risks of hitler /stalin

2g ago - my dad grew up in british embassies; spent his last day as teen serving in allied bomber command over modern day myamar- made his career inviting east and western countries loving each others youth and doing so a decade ahead of 100 times more tech per decade - dad was lucky to do a chance interview of von neumann on his legacy in the same year as being the only journalist at essina's birthing of the eu- on retirement norman macrae dis von neumann's bio from which the tielines for humanising artificial intel were always due to make the 2020s the most excitin time to be alive as 7.5 billion people make species determining choices versus beyondtrump trillion dollar meltdown - 40 years of tracing hi-touch-hi-tech at 

1g ago - me a very unkilled person in all the new skills unlees exploring futures of sustaining poorest young womebn matters moore to you than laws of rich old men -see you cop26 nov 6 glasgow university union if 2021 permits such mutual freedoms of talk and walk - or i am currentlo locked down in dc

0g my daughter who i hope can one day be free with all her peers to unlock what trump locked in all over the world

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