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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

 Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center is a wonderful space - thanks for showing us around- easy to fall in love with everyone at mindbuilders and as for the battle dances 濾 @mindbuilderscac - Mind-Builders - TikTok

 - i wanted to check you and john kiehl http://www.soundtracknewyork.com know of each others interests- connecting all youth with best ops to grow artistically as well as community builders- while it sounds strange john and i believe that chatgpt can be very human if it is coded to become very locally expert in the intel it shares (sometimes this may be as simple as knowing one person advice so well that it can replicate being that persons coach 24/7 - this is probably the leading experiment of that kind and jeanne will likely be demonstrating that to johns friends at her annual ny briefing around april 19 Home - beingAI   ) so i have tested out with all be it very elementary questions - how would you grade its introductory advice? (I was at  7 hour year 1  US national briefing of http://www.ai.gov - i met fei-fei li who in a much deeper way explained the race we are in to localise gpts https://twitter.com/drfeifei her ai4all trains tecahers from 5th grade up - not having a school i am not quite sure how one joins in but hope somewhere in bronx does; also i believe john's tech friend jose also hosts a bronx community space (in baltimore jayfus and all team up with their cybercenter)

q to CGPT - Some of new york suburbs are very poor and hard to grow up safely as a kid. Do you have suggestions of wher 9 to 15 year olds can best go after school in any on new york's poorest subiubs?

It's important to note that I am an AI language model and don't have personal experiences or knowledge of current situations in specific suburbs of New York. However, I can suggest some general ideas and resources that might be helpful.

  1. Local Community Centers: Many community centers offer after-school programs for kids, such as sports teams, tutoring, arts and crafts, and music classes. These programs can be a great way to meet new friends and stay busy after school.

  2. Libraries: Libraries can offer a wealth of resources for kids, including books, magazines, and educational materials. Many libraries also offer after-school programs, such as homework help, book clubs, and storytimes.

  3. Youth Programs: There are various youth programs offered in many communities. Organizations such as the Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA/YWCA, and local churches, mosques or temples often have programs or events available for children and teenagers.

  4. Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteering can be a great way to give back to the community and meet new people. Many organizations and community centers offer volunteer opportunities for kids and teenagers.

  5. Recreational Activities: Consider participating in recreational activities like sports leagues, dance classes, or art classes.

It's important to research available options and consult with trusted adults like parents, teachers, and guidance counselors to find programs that meet specific needs and interests.

Q to CGPT Suppose I am a black american girl 9 to 15 living in poor ny suburbs and want to find a community center run by people who looked like I do when they were young - any suggestions?

It's important to find a community center where you feel comfortable and can connect with others who share similar experiences and backgrounds. Here are some suggestions for finding a community center that may be a good fit:

  1. Research local community centers: Start by researching community centers in your area online or by asking trusted adults, like teachers or guidance counselors. Look for community centers that specifically serve black communities or have programming geared towards the experiences of black youth.

  2. Ask around: Ask other black students at school if they know of any community centers that they attend or have heard good things about.

  3. Check with local churches or cultural centers: Many churches or cultural centers in the area may offer community programs that are geared towards black youth. Check their websites or call to see what they offer.

  4. Look into programs offered by national organizations: Organizations like the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, NAACP, and the National Urban League may have local chapters or affiliates that offer programming for black youth.

  5. Consider reaching out to local black-owned businesses: They may have information or connections to community centers in the area that serve black youth.

It may take some time to find the right community center, but with persistence and research, you may be able to find a place where you can feel at home and connect with others who share your experiences.

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