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Thursday, February 23, 2023

can we start a whatsapp on livesmatter turkey

here i start a linked in conversation to find out whether a quorum may be possible.... I would welome advice if you think i could have started this survey in a smarter way

chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk unsummitfuture.com writes - co-convenor glasgiw 265th moral sentiments summit june 2023

hi Fxx - to all, Fxx and I are both vets of www.lunchclub.com i we have each participated in over 100 one to one zooms of 1 hour duration- fxx particularly on fintech (i believe his familuy chose to locate in turkey during covid while he also took a swiss mba course having relocated just in time from new zealan- a global exploration of titanic props - me at luchclub on any education reolvultin meeded to build any  communitytech that the younger half of world need combinations of un 17 sdgs  to map- please say if you use lunchclub- unlike linkedin lunchclub blocks sharing of who interviewed who - i have no idea how many of my 100 imterview and Fxx overlap in potential win-wins- during covid lunchclub was a game worthy of 100 hours of inputs- right now I am less sure- apart from linkedin does anyone have a fav space to spend 100 hours plus in?

to try to respond to firzuz main question: level 1 just introducing you - i think you all know a lot about turkey - a country in middle of a lot at the moment; there is no point me pontificating on turkey's future the way i have helped hosted since 1984 www.2025report.com and www.livesmatter.city  - i believe place brands need to be led by communities (see best ever women empowerment mapping at http://www.abedmooc.com ) more than top down whether your gov system is soi-called democrati or other

I livein  washington dc the amount of ignorant pontification is literally terrifying- of course if there is someone you trusty most in dc would be interested to zoom with them to learn if there is any reconcilation possible- we have a group of maths peopel who only know maths not politics - they help me believe we can orbit out of extinction if millennials unite to do this (i a snese tidays global war is between investment old pensuoers have made and the younger half of the world - this war has multiple fronts incluing climates plagues as well as armed conflicts and bad mba curricula)

after 9/11 i joined an austrialin medic's (monash uni) worldwide network (arguably the last web1 network of any true cvlue)  - hosted by global reconcilation was opportunity to  listen70 countries views of histioical conflicts as well as what to urgently mend next- grn hosted in delhi 2004 was spectacular with over 1000 people listening mainly gandhians but of every different faith india mixes; it was help at indira gandhi cultural centre- charmingly in 2004 tjhs was both 5 minutes walk from parliament and our accomodation delhi ymca! perhaps only india od early 2000s could spiirit 72 hours of such kindness- not one nisy activist intervention - quoet reflective intel on what a mess the new millennoum was spinning even though as ordinary human beings not one of us voted fir such a mess 

now 21 yeras on we seem less free as ordinary people to turn up and listen at such transcultyral town haplls -or perhaps the meta verse can chnage space for every nediation's last chnace to care for each other across mother earth-that will take deep data mapping of a sort not practised in any top western uiversity

- this bothers me as a statistician who has studied cultures all my working life and historicalkly tried to get global brand leading boards to include such info in their design of loval and global; i worked for all 3 of the west's largest ad agencies around 1999 only to find that each was making b=iggest profits by helpoing clients compound risks`

level 2 while i have data on 18 asian countries i have worked in since 1982 often with unilever turkey isnt one of them - I like to map borderless shipping across coastines and can see that turkey is stick between europe asia russia and potentially what usa commands next - i have visited bangladesh 16 times to try and understand how hard womens development is when a country has underdeveloped ports and coastal neighbors full of cultural hatred however accidntally history may have embedded this

so here to listen if there are any ideas on how under 35s can friend future of turkey or welcome you discussing things without me if you see like minded humans!! i have researched with dad what von neumann http://neumann.ning.com www.economistdiary.com  hoped we'd do with tech back to 1951- we are not humanising tech out of every community in the way he would have hoped; my best chance of mediating what those who invented the last 75 years of tech hoed we'd mao is with various meetings I host in new yrk- so if anyone has a ny friend to intro me to please do- about 15 people i trust most planted this un framework in 2016 when they cncluded the sdgs as a shopping list of 17 were not actionable - if anyone wants to zoom or chat about this franework at any time please do - i host quite a lot of whatsapp at +2 240 316 8157 - the next deep data debate across new york is water /sanitaion - i know the most connected entrepreneur with solutions on this https://www.unwater.org/news/un-2023-water-conference i believe diruz and i share interest in decentralised finanance - i would likie to see a dao blockchain - community treasury goal by gaol - but recently crypto has been so messed up by a few bad actors that i would like to understand how communities can do defi but without crypto; at one time i had though middle east binance would preserve good crypto for your region but i note usa is closing that down if abyine has a fav uae country in spite of mixed issues regarding eg women please tell me; in a world that seems to me to have lost sense at the top of most nations I am justr a daispora scot trying to undersdtand which nations under 35s should make borserless friends with

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